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I'm gonna slab Miyazaki's face for allowing only a maximum of 15 "+10" weapons / shields per NG cycle.
Atleast we should be thankful that it isn't like Bloodborne where you can only get 2 per playthrough unless you save all your insight and only if you have the DLC.
In bloodborne there are 10 or 20 weapons... something like that so proportionally it is the same thing
Cry more that is not enough!
Gonna point out to the other replies, you can infinitely upgrade any weapon that's upgradable in Bloodborne up to +10 per NG cycle I believe "Post Wet Nurse" for the purchase of Blood Rocks. Each Blood Rock costs 80 Insight at the Insight Bath Messenger, Blood Stone Chunk is I think 20 insight, Twin Shards at 10 and regular at I think 2 and Insight can be easily farmed through chalice dungeons.

DS1 and DS2 also had it possible to infinitely upgrade weapons to +10 before starting a NG+, thanks to DS1 for rare enemy drops and for DS2's bonfire asthetics(sp?) for refreshing enemy spawns and most items.
Just gonna get it out there that us without the DLC only get 8 so consider yourself lucky
wouldnt that make his face +10 or +5 depending on face? he would just have a stronger face then.
I agree upgrading the astora straight sword is the best thing in the game... restoration 100
Don't objectify it
Remember DS1, when you could end up never finding a single Slab though? xD
2011, you will be missed.
That is actually true, if it was your first playthrough or smt and you didn’t know everything you could end up not finding any slabs. I don’t know why do many downvotes.
should’ve left “xD” back in 2011 too
"xD" is casul emote
This is my waifu.
Good for you.
That is some thicc titanite.
That is some thicc titanite!
I remember in DS2 SotFS you could farm slabs from the room in dranlic castle with the ruin sentinels in it, I got like 30 in the end.
Yes.. and you could also use them upgrading armor pieces. I liked the idea having everything maxed.. But this makes your weapon choice more special i guess cause you cannot spent them all experimenting with every weapon.. Unless you are something like ng+10 and you have found 200 of them



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don't forget Darkwraiths in DS1/DS(R)
The first slab is such an achievement, but from the second, you start finding them everywhere.
git gud
I have never seen those words with so many dislikes
69TH dislike. I'm proud of that