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I clicked on Sir Alonne why the ***** is it showing pursuer!?
I clicked on Sir Alonne and it gets me to pursuer?!?
Fun fact: He, like Velstadt, will kick at your shield if you try to turtle him too much or block too often. Like other guardbreak attacks, it does heavy stamina damage and is almost guaranteed to drain all of it if you use a lighter shield or have less stamina.
Highest resistances to lightning and slash? F**k I use heide knight sword.


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I have defeated him in less than ten tries. Used a Dark enchanted Lost Sinner long sword. No shield, just dodging his attacks. Timing is essential. I’m on level 345. Good luck !
Just saying that it's not a katana
it's a axe
worst boss ever
Said no one ever...
please elaborate
lost sinner moveset, although slightly different
Nice, now I can't win cause I could dodge almost any of lost sinner's attacks.
Miss one attack : katana Jump strike (jump strike attack quickly)
This thing would been the best thing ever if it wasn't for those **** on the way to the boss
Summon the npc phantoms for distraction and send them away at the fog gate if you prefer going mano a mano.