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anri best waifu obviously
Holy crap, I doubt he had little HP but I used this ring with a refined greatlance+10 and I counter attacked him after his hit and killed him in 2 hits



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Reading Trivia, and having heard that Ornstein in Dark Souls 1 is but an illusion, could it be possible that they had the power to create the illusory character using this ring?
ds2 is trash
It may be the worst game in the series, but this is the souls series we're talking about. DS2 is still hella good.
Hella good is pushing it. While I admit scholar of the first sin fixed many of it's issues it by no means is a good game.


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I'm late but give exact details as too why it's bad, otherwise you're on the bandwagon. I see perefected Elemental damages and true dual wielding. With every weapon class being viable. DKs3 doesn't have that
It is a good game. Just has its flaws. Did a way better job at giving a sense of story. Ds1 was ok at best its just people nostalgia. Though the doc kick butt. Demon souls was good but had some very broken mechanics. Ds1 did have better boss quality but ds2 gave us a way better story.
Yeah when people bash ds3 they lose all merit even though they'll try to post their lopsided option with as much "analytical" thought they can muster and will still fall short defeating any purpose in their effort.
Ds2* not ds3.
I made some tests and no difference whether I wear the ring or not, what exactly is considered a counter-attack?
oh found it
Time is constipated in lordran/drangleic/lothric
Yeah. I guess the ring got stuck in the colon of time after DS3 and got dumped in DS2 after a few millenia.
So this means if my opponent is not using thrust damage there would be no benefit even if I'm using the ring, correct?
Anyone? :(
It doesn't matter what your opponent is using. The ring boost YOUR COUNTER TRUST DAMAGE by 15%. In other words, if you hit your opponent while he is during an attack animation your damage WITH A TRUST weapon will be 15% higher than it usually is.
Great! thanks a lot!
You're a moron learn to read imbecile


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Fixed an error in the leo ring equation - the result of all that is 11.875 not 12.875.
I've been playing offline for a while and just started to play online. I noticed there are few rings and spells that will get weaker on pvp. Is this the case for the status as well or just the rings and spells (for example, leo ring, steel protection, carthus beacon etc). Because if not, I will prefer to avoid these rings when it comes to PvP.