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I've only seen it happen once, but if you get really lucky with the timing, as he throws out his curse bomb to stop you from healing, you can heal using a gourd and when it hits you your health will be restored and the curse will not be applied.
He takes solid damage from those divine butterflies (or w.e. they are called) from Phantom Kunai shuriken upgrade. Anyone who has troubles with this fight can try them i think, just charge it up and throw when he is far from you (so that he will take all butterflies, in close range they kinda fly past/over him). Only downside is the cost (the Kunai itself from merchant is 3k, +1k for upgrade itself i think).
Considering how massive The Owl is, i have no idea how he doesn’t shorten your spine every time he bounces off of your head
For anyone struggling to "git gud" against Owl, here's a strat I worked out : This basically a "run and gun" strategy as his posture is exceptionally difficult to break and his vitality needs to be targeted. Keep your distance and Sprint around the arena to his right. Keeping this up will keep you out of his sparring range and will bait one of three attacks to work around: 1- Double shrunken toss followed by a forward flip slash. Keep running right, Sprint to him after his flip lands and hit him for 2× R1. Mortal blade or whirlwind or whatever you prefer may work too, but I found this safest. 2- Single shrunken followed by forward lunge and large sweeping strike, your right to left. This is touchy. Keep sprinting right and he should miss with both and you can loop in for 2×R1 or attack of choice. Sometimes this will*****box so you may want to be prepared for a quick step-dodge to your right to avoid the slash. The run I beat him, sprinting worked every time. 3- He'll cut across your sprint path with a large slash, your right to left. This can be dodged into, bloodborne style. The timing is iffy, but you will get the feel for it. Dodge into this attack to your forward-right, his left. This will leave you behind him but the window for a hit is small. I threw a shrunken followed by chasing strike to land a couple hits. Rinse and repeat for phase one. Phase two can be handled exactly the same, but every now and again he may throw his smoke bomb down, blinding you temporarily... stay on your toes and you'll be fine. Took me a few attempts to work this out, but getting your timing right will get you through the fight with minimal damage.
Does anyone has any idea why is this fight in the game? I have played DS1-2-3, Bloodborne, hundreds of hours. This is the worst fight I have experienced for multiple reasons. Zero creativity in play style, you have extremely narrow window for attacking. Deflecting works tremendously bad, meaning there's no chance of breaking his posture by getting good at deflecting (like Lady Butterfly or Orin of the Water). Unpredictable moveset: the AI can decide to kill you at will, some attacks can't be deflected due to the speed of combo. I guess it's just a battle of attrition, you have to run around like an idiot for 15 minutes waiting for that one single opening to hit him once. Honestly, 0/10. Just compare him to LMoAC, Orphan, Twin Princes, Soul of Cinder, O&S, Genichiro. He's like the Bed of Chaos, you don't have to get good. The boss is designed to either be lucky or to cheese it.
Boss dont have hyper armor on a single move and your light atk have faster startup than any of his regular sword swings but yet somehow "you have extremely narrow window for attacking",sure bro,souls veteran my ***.
Obviously, you are running into trouble because you are playing defensively like a souls game, this boss punishes you if you play defensively and just keep deflecting all the time ("there's no chance of breaking his posture by getting good at deflecting"). You need to be offensive and keep hitting him and depleting his health, so his posture would stop regenerating. Also, since when is "Unpredictable Moveset" a bad thing? Predictable bosses are the most boring ones, you always know what they're gonna do. But of course, why blame yourself when you can blame the design of a carefully and delicately made game.
He’s easy as***** to deflect. He’s hard at first, but after three attempts, you pretty much know everything he can do.
Boy have you got a surprise waiting back in Hirata Estate lol
1) He doesn’t have a hyper armor, but your toothpick is so short, you can’t damage him, unless you are hugging him 2) Deflection does nothing, since he regens posture too fast and has too much of it. I defeated him with a dumb “dodge to the right, delay dodge again and hit once” repeated 124 times.
3) This bossfight defeats the purpose of the game. It’s like back to DS1, where you can’t parry a boss. No jump-kicks, no Mikiri, prosthetic tools do little to nothing, good old roll away R1
4) I have never played an hour of Souls games defensively, and was rewarded for no shield strats one sekiro, but again, Jesus H Christ, this boss felt like Demon of Izalith. Dodge attack, hug his *** hit once and repeat. Very interesting
5)And again, compare him to a generic interior ministry ninja. One can’t be defensive against those. But one can deflect a combo, Mikiri a kick, jump kick a sweep and deathblow. Same goes for Genichiro. Mix in a few R1s. Owl? No. He stops regenerating posture, true. But this is not achieved by clashing swords. You bite away his health, he will die to losing the hp bar. Or you exploit the AI and dodge R1 concstantly
6) Saying he has no hyperarmor on any moves - so what? He has I frames for dodges, but unlike player he has a longer weapon
The way you beat him shows you just have no idea how to play the game after half of it was done,LIDL souls player.
Lore wise the boss should have a bland move set as you've seen every move he can do the majority if not the whole of the game first person (well maybe third person). He has plenty of openings if your willing to be more aggressive on top of being able to stop his regen with single shuriken. I think the only legitimate complaint one could make is the lack of Perilous indicator which if your a Souls Vet. you should be used to some extent.
I guess from the comments, that Owl can regenerate posture with a glow buff. I knew it can be interrupted, samurai do the same, but I have never seen him use that. I was referring to the fact that his posture refills naturally at a cosmically high rate, and you can't deplete it by deflecting, because your posture bar will get filled sooner. Even a giant ape can be posture-broken! There is a way to cheese him though - doing ichimoji double and dodging to the right. Breaks his posture! But that is quite stupid/
Git gud
Maybe dont suck*****at Sekiro? I had trouble the first 3 times I fought him but soon as I figured him out, it was the easiest boss up to that point. You my friend, need to learn how to play the game if you're having trouble with Owl.
Do you hear that... is it? I think it is... Git gud son.
I think you still haven't figured out the quick attack follow-up you can do after deflecting an enemy attack. Don't just keep deflecting while taking posture damage and be a sitting duck you goddamn moron. Probably completed all DS games while watching a walkthrough.
Well, this boss is bs. Maybe I need to git gud. But for me it was an impossible thing to do. No matter what I tried I always died stage 2 to his bs. Let a friend kill him for me. Got so frustated that I quit the game because of him. Game breaker for me. 0 fun.
This fight is perfectly fine and I don't see the reason to hate on it just because you cannot fathom how to beat it. Deflecting works great in this fight. He has a slash combo that starts with a 1 2 slash and if you deflect both it is your turn to hit. He has 3 variants of throwing star throws, 1 is the 2 throw then flip for an easy punish and the second one has a throw follow up that you can roll through the follow up for easy hits. The third is the spread throw that you can deflect as well. The anti heal mist throws aren't bad either because they have weird hit boxes and even if you're in mist you can still get out before suffering the debuff. You can get one slash even if he already threw the ball. It isn't as bad as your are saying
I agree with the topic creator on this one. I'll learn and get through this... But it's like they took everything you've learned the whole game and said NOPE, ***** all that, now you've gotta learn a whole new PLAYSTYLE!
I disagree on the lack of creativity part though... It's very original and different. Like different game different. I've struggled with a few bosses, but by the time I learn their patterns, and adjust, I felt like I mastered them. I'll never feel thepatterns and adjust, I win easily when I finally do. I don't feel likeBut it's like
Lol, you’re just bad. I can beat him in 5 minutes without running around or cheesing. There are people on YouTube who can do it in under two minutes. Just learn to play maybe?
I learned how to beat him easily since the time I created this topic, I don’t have the frustration anymore. This is still a poorly designed boss IMO, especially compared to Genichiro and the final boss. The amount of comments, upvotes and downvotes show how tough this boss is. Lol
Be prepared to toss some shuriken in phase 2 whenever he tries to regenerate posture. The cleaver-type spear is a good punisher for his Artorias flip, too—dodge right as he’s about to land, charge up the blade, then follow through with a chasing slice to catch him when he tries to hop away. It’s a cost-efficient way to maintain pressure, imo. Just don’t try to stab him with the spear, lol.
spear too slow and punishing to maintain pressure on any boss.Shurikens all the way.
I find the aged mist raven to be incredibly useful in case I need to heal up. Although the fire cracker is useful too I can't seem to catch him in a good range to stun him and heal up so I switched up. THIS IS MAYBE THE ONLY TOOL that is highly useful as a defensive measure to keep him away or get some nice hits especially at phase2 and if you're not updating the skill tree that much. You need to be aggressive in the fight to keep it's posture - or at least a good distance to just hit him to keep his posture from decreasing. His moveset is unpredictable with the exception of 2 very safe openings, the 2 shuriken + jump, where you just need to guard the shuriken and just back away then approach after and the debuff bomb where you side step give a good 1-2 hit then sidestep to avoid the smoke completely. Phase 2 is more on positioning yourself from poison and his range. Honestly you'll be surprised you're already at 50% of his hp by just sticking close to him.
Yea the first few times i got wrecked by him in phass 2 cause of poisen or the orb drop that stops healing. Also suprised the hell outa me when he used firecracker and smome screen. I always run to the right and always not get hit i tried going left once and saw hes hits you. Maybe its because of the way he swings it starts from the right side sweeping left so if you on the opposite side of him youll dogdge the attack
Do NOT use THRUST (hold attack) on Owl! He can use mikiri counter, and insta kill you
You can use thrust atks,you just need to know when.
It doesn't kill you if you have 7 necklaces and a full health bar.
there is possible to get a 4th quote from him if you use jizo statue or dragon blood droplet to die 4 time.
He is also weak to mortal draw, it does massive damage to him when he is unguarded and more Ben a regular hit when he deflects