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I got this 1st try
Same. I only got hit once. They exaggerate him in here. Just dodge and hit.
I'm not even very good at souls and this guy was my first boss fight in this game and i found him incredibly easy, beat him my first attempt was not aware that you could summon nor did i know he was optional.
This thing was the first boss I fought and I beat him like 3rd try, honestly thought it was easier to beat than Father Gascoigne
Gascoigne is clearly more difficult for new player compared to him.
He's just big, Gascoigne it's also very strong and fast
Is it just me, or does CB resemble Manus from Dark Souls?
That beast is Vicar Amelia, not the Cleric Beast.
Nnnnope. Two separate bosses.
Read moar. Play moar.
You know how in the Hunter's Nightmare we come across another vicar praying at the elevator to the Research Hall, and off to the side is a church hunter dressed in black? That's how I interpret the relation between Vicar Amelia and the Cleric Beast. The Cleric Beast is a sort of bodyguard for Vicar Amelia and kills anyone that tries to enter the Cathedral Ward from the Great Bridge, while Amelia continues to pray at the Grand Cathedral. It isn't the exact same hunter as we meet in the Hunter's Nightmare, but an occupational successor. This would also explain why it drops the Sword Hunter badge (although the fact that it is apparently a cleric is reason enough).
In case you wonder what this "blood sucking effect" is, it restores the armor.
Since the game doesn't really tell you where you need to go, or what to do, I just ran past him on my first playthrough and only found out about him much later
I was able to summon Alfred for this fight without defeating the Blood Starved Beast. His summoning bell seems to appear there after you talked to him at the Logarius statue and decide to cooperate with him, like the one in Old Yharnam.
Can someone tell me how he is optional because the main gate requiring the emblem, is the only way I know how to get to Vicar Amelia and progress through the game.
As you probably already know, after defeating Blood-Starved Beast, the door to the Healing Church Workshop opens up. Now, in the Workshop you have two options: go down the structures falling apart beneath it, or climb up all the way to the entrance of Upper Cathedral Ward. If you choose to do the former rather than the latter, you arrive in a strange area of Yharnam situated below Cathedral Ward. There you can find an elevator that takes you behind the Main Gate and to the stairs in front of the Main Cathedral.
Yeah I realized that like two days later because I never went over there past new game because there was nothing there of importance/interest. A late reply from me but thank you even though its been two months.



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I wish it had different abilities and more health between evening/midnight/blood moon, since that would inject a bit more into the gameplay experience. If there were also different rewards for fighting it at those different stages of progression through the game, it'd be an interesting balancing feature preventing it from being too easy if you fight him late-game while still giving a worthwhile reward. I shouldn't really complain, though - we got Laurence, instead.