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As you progress through the game is the game going to stop giving you the 20 blood vials each time you warp in and out of an area? My game just started this tonight and I'm not sure how I'm suppose to finish the game this way. Seems like a glitch. Btw I'm in blood moon yahargul area and have finished off the three hunters thus far.
Since you can only carry a maximum 20 vials at a time, the extra go in a storage/bank and the game automatically replenishes your vials every time you die from that storage. All you have to do is farm blood vials for a little bit and you will be good to go. Also if you wanna see how many you have, the storage is in the hunters dream in the house.
Happened in my game, too.
unlike dark souls, blood vials do not replenish automatically when you rest. you have to buy them from the fountain messengers in the hunter's dream (to the left of the doll's default location), or farm them from easier enemies. the cathedral is a good place to farm them, i've found. the giants there typically drop 3 at a time.
I find it annoying that when you die while you are summoned to help someone else out in co-op, you respawn at a lantern, all the enemies respawn but you don't automatically replenish your Blood Vials and Ammo... so you have too frustratingly teleport to and from the Hunter's Dream and pointlessly waste a minute of your life.

Seriously, why not auto-replenish our Blood Vials and ammo!?
No trivia mentioning that a lot of the level design & terrain assets are a direct copy of another area of the game? Heck, you see messages that are relevant to the other area while in Yahar'gul (which is annoying and disappointing as it makes the messages mostly useless/annoying).
that's because it's the same place...
*face palms*
I ended up here after I got killed by the enemy in the cathedral ward, how can I get back to an area more suitable for my level?
From the jail cell, you will find a lamp if you go upstairs avoiding (or killing) the snatcher enemy. Use that to go back to hunters dream.
Who is that woman crying to the right of the jail cell once you take a right and head the some stairs and you find her crying?
Adella the Nun. You need to be wearing a piece of church attire (or Father Gascoine's clothing) before she'll talk to you.
I just beat the Boss in the Hypogeon Gaol and I want to find the upper cath keys. I must be in the wrong place, because I do not see what the guide says. No gap in any fences. I am back in Old Town area. As much time as was put into all of this, there are still holes that are not clear how to follow.



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Ok do you remember the place with all the Crazy women are? There is also an Amygdala that shoots a laser near them. That is the area. Then you first get into the area go up the small stairs to the courtyard there you can go left or right. Hug the right path and you will find the fence gap. Drop down carefully and you will be in a dark room with a chime maiden and brick troll. Ignore the troll and kill the maiden after you can kill the troll and drop down into the cage in the middle of the room. GL!
You're mixing up Hypogean Gaol with Yahar'gul. They are the same place but you need to go through Byrgenwerth first.
Please don't light me on fire for being a noob, but i had just went back to the cathedral lamp and saw one of those huge guys with the sacs outside next to the abandoned caravan hiding in the dark, i approached him and had him down to 1 hit before he killed me and i woke up here but in a cell... I had no idea what was happening and i found this cleric chick down in the basement, some messages on the ground said to treat her with care to make the healing church work. I've been trying to get through this area and i honestly feel like i'm under leveled or something... Those big sac-carrying guys two hit me when they're buffed with that red mist. I unlocked the lamp at the top of the stairs in front of the caryll rune, that was actually my first caryll rune. Still don't know how to use caryll runes either... I went to them, but if i click "use" nothing happens... i'm assuming i don't have enough arcane or something? IDK, it seems like every time i die i end up somewhere new. The first time i died i ended up in the hunter's dream and had no idea what was going on because i had made it past the dog demon thing in the hospital and then made it to the torch guy right next to the ladder leading up to the lamp and died. I assumed i'd end up back at the hospital room and realized i had to use the tombstone to get back to yharnam. I started over because i hate dying first thing in the game, so the second time i died was to the big sac carrying guy next to the cathedral lamp and when i died THIS time i ended up in some area i'd never been to (yahr'gul) in a situation i had no grasp of (randomly in a cell after dying with the cleric chick asking me to leave her alone when i didn't particularly know what to do with her anyways...) in a cluster ***** of those big sac-carrying guys who could two hit me... I was like "oh, there's the difficulty curve.", same thoughts when i ran into the cleric beast... everything else was easy and then i accidentally run into the cleric beast's boss area thinking its just another part of the road leading somewhere else and i swear to god i thought multiple times "I don't think i can beat this, i might have ran into a mid game boss at the beginning of the game...", I managed to beat him on my first try, but not with lack of me running like a ***** and using all 20 of my blood vials... Eventually i realized that i could just two hand my hunter's axe and just spam r1 in front of him and he'd stagger. I had been trying to maintain distance the entire time and it was THE wrong thing to do... The gun was useless and while i did damage, it felt like the cleric beast had SUCH a huge hp pool... and then i killed the next boss, the hunter guy in front of Oedon, without ANY problems. All i did was r1 interrupt him while he was human and then circle around him counter-clockwise while he was a beast and attacked his back, you know, the tried and true dark souls counter-all. I thought it'd be easier since i've played all three dark souls (completed 2 and 3, got to RIGHT before ornstein and smough in 1), but i was pleased to find that while it is LIKE dark souls, it is definitely it's own game. The difficulty was definitely there. So far its been a blast and i'm really looking forward to more gameplay, i still don't know how gun damage works. I got one of those bone marrow items, but i don't know how to use it. I also got a chalice from the blood-starved beast which was a breeze with the fire paper i got from albert and summoning some help. I summoned a player and albert to kill it. It's really hard trying to decide what to spend insight on at the water basin thing in the hunter's dream, i ended up buying the boss armor of that hunter guy i killed and it wasn't even as good as the Yharnam hunter set i'd bought from the the other water basin next to where the doll is before she starts moving around... Also, he told me i could "use the doll too, if it please you"... -coughs- Maybe he meant her leveling feature? But i talked to him before she was even up and moving around so at the time that he told me this i was just like "...?!". I'm iffy about having to spend insight to summon people, but you find enough madman's knowledge items that it's like "meh". I think i'm going to start over again because i died at least twenty times in yahar'gul trying to muscle past the big sac-carrying guys... i had only died TWICE besides the (at least) twenty times i died here... I'm definitely under leveled or something. I've been using the Kirkhammer, it's so awesome, this paired with a gun gives me three weapons in two slots. The Kirkhammer gives me a quick weapon AND a slow heavy hitter hammer in one. I feel like my dark souls experience lead me to this weapon... The sword has the straight sword r1, r1, r2 combo from ds3 and greathammers aren't anything new in dark souls. I love how you basically have the quick step arte on daggers in ds3 as your regular dodge in bloodborne (i know this came first, i'm just speaking from my perspective as i played ds3 first), at least when locked on.
Look up "hypogean gaol" to find where you went when kidnapped by the snatcher.
Git gud
Theres a lot of info on the internet for you to get past these small predicaments. Youre supposed to die a lot in Bloodborne, thats fine, no need yo start over. The snatchers are meant to overpower you. Reach the lamp by going upstairs after you exit your cell, then come back once youre stronger. Enough trembling in your boots. Youre a hunter.
May the good blood guide your way.
I don't buy this story at all. On one hand you give off the impression that you are completely clueless, describing enemies and events like a child, and not knowing how to use runes. Yet you are surfing on this forum, so you clearly know how to and willing to look up information regarding this game, and took the time to write this long *** post. You act like a clueless child who doesn't know the first thing about bloodborne, yet you claim you died only 2 times by the time you get to hypogean gaul. You just knew how to beat the bosses on first try, when this game is all about learning animation patterns. You are full of BS.
that moment when you kill one reborn after you get kidnaped
I mean thats literally not possible but okay
maybe he accidentally hacked the game file okay?
This map is useless. It's missing bell chime maidens and the layout doesn't really match up well.
Okay but there's not even a mention to where the hell you spawn when snatched I keep getting killed by dogs that aren't mentionner here and nothing here is being helpful. Worst fextralife page ever.
Snatchers take you here:
Yeah, they take you to Hypogean Jail, not Yahar'Gul.
It's astounding how many people get those two mixed up.
I came to this page because when I woke up in the cell the text said Yahar'Gul, Unseen Village. There seems to be a logical reason why people get this mixed up so often. Maybe it would be worth a mention and a link.