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Hesitation is what?
got him down to literally nothing in his life bar, and bastard decides to spam bullets ... i died, damn old fart
Tfw Isshin Ashina is so strong he breaks the rules and boundaries of time itself.
Everyone saying this is the hardest boss by a massive margin, beat him today and for anyone not there yet he’s not bad. I still took a few hours to beat him but he’s a really fun and fair fight so I never felt mad dying, Genichiro was harder for me since I was still playing the game like Dark Souks Anyway the best advice I can’t give you is to use nightjar slash and firecrackers, mostly the firecrackers. They cancel all his unblockable moves which all have long windups and massive damage, my only real problem with the fight. This makes the fight much easier. Always go for the lightning, always stay in his phase so he can’t regain posture and block all spear hits, and dodge to get behind him once he finishes combos. Hope this helps
this guy is the reason i'm never want to buy or play this game.
If anyone's having trouble here's my advice. Overall, the best strategy for this fight is to keep up the pressure and posture kill each phase. I realize it's much easier said than done, however chipping away at his health bar for 20 minutes will only lead to more frustration. With this strategy, I beat the Sword saint in around 2 dozen attempts, so don't feel bad if you keep losing. Anyways, here's how I beat the Sword Saint: Phase 1: Immediately run behind Genichiro and hit him once. If he goes for a second mortal blade attack get behind him once again and hit him twice. If he doesn't go for a second mortal blade attack, then hit him a second time. After this, it's business as usual for Genichiro. Parry the crap out of him and be as aggressive as possible. Your best friend here is his wombo combo which you can deflect. He will follow this up with a thrust which you can then Mikiri counter. This absolutely destroys his posture. With this strat, I usually have Genichiro down with only one or two hits taken. Phase 2: Immediately after the phase transition pop a pellet If you left phase 1 with >75% HP or a gourd chug if you left with less HP. Then wait for him to strike first and deflect. The stat I found most effective for this phase is a combo of R1+R1+L1. Repeat this until he does one of his perilous attacks. Generally speaking, running out of their range works best. His Ashina Cross and thrusts are your best friends as in the case of the Ashina Cross, you can run behind him and get a couple of free vitality hits. The thrust is free posture damage via Mikiri counter. If he does his wind attack, run out of its range and wait for his next attack. He will also follow up his Ichimonji with a sweep so I recommend just running out of range of that one as well. Phase 3: IMMEDIATELY after getting the first deathblow on Isshin, run to where you believe is an optimal position in the arena to continue the fight. The last thing you want is to be pinned up against a wall or the cliff edge. Pop a Gokan's Sugar/Spiritfall as soon as you can as well. My best advice for this phase is to parry everything and run in a circle if he pops his Glock on you. If he does the wind attack, run out of range of the attack and wait for one of his overhead slams. Like before, thrusts are your best friend as they are essentially free posture damage. Also, and this is EXTREMELY important: NEVER try to back away and heal. Instead, parry some attacks and wait for a break or better yet, a thrust. Phase 4: More of the same, except his wind sweep now has lightning. It's up to you whether you feel confident enough to do a lightning reversal. It's a massive risk/reward move, though if successfully pulled off you gain a massive window for insane posture damage. Also, the phase transition is super short so I would recommend just waiting for an overhead slam or thrust to heal like earlier. TL;DR: Be as aggressive as possible and only heal when you've successfully countered a combo.
"Why this younger version of Isshin choose to fight you, rather than let you go..." Listen, as cool a dude as Isshin was, let's be honest: dude had a problem with bloodlust and a love for fighting unrivaled by even his love for sake. He isn't fighting you because Genichiro wished for it, he's fighting you because he wants to. Simple as that.
No. He was bound by the curse/wish of the Sword that brought him back to life. He even says it himself 'To see Ashina return from the beyond is your (Genichiro) wish. That means, Sekiro. I must destroy you." MUST, as if he has no choice. Of course he enjoyed the fight and was glad to die by a sword rather than of old age and sickness, because he was a true warrior. He would've left Sekiro and Kuro alone and faced the invading forces of the ministry, where he could've satisfy his bloodlust.
I mean his battle memory basically confirms that Isshin was obsessed with war. The point is that there’s not really much difference between a Sword Saint and Shura. Isshin has the support of Ashina, but the war never actually made their lives any better.
"He would've left Sekiro and Kuro alone and faced the invading forces of the ministry, where he could've satisfy his bloodlust." See, I don't think that's true at all. Sure, Isshin was a stand-up guy, but there's no way killing the Ministry goons would satisfy his bloodlust. He wants a WPRTHY fight, and as far as Isshin can tell: that fight is you.
OP is a ***** and a * who doesn't understand the lore
Uh. Wow. You okay, buddy?
Hoo boy, Isshin on extra hardships and the bell demon equipped is… oof. I did it finally, but it took a lot of patience. And running. So much running.
I still can’t believe that From Software finally made a final boss that wasn’t piss-easy. I love it.
Quick tip that helped for second phase, okinaga flame vent burst with living force, hitting him while he block will still burn him, do it twice in second and third face and then start the deflect game, that's how I got through anyway
The best time to use the flame burst is after the overhead attack definitely, you can end the first phase quickly too with this,, preferably after his ashina cross, but best to save emblems for later phases
After the saint appears in 2nd phase his perilous atk can be hard to read if its a sweep or thrust & the thrust can happen real quick while waiting to see if its a sweep I found that holding 11 clock on stick while pressing dodge will work to miss both usually if you are up close