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after feeding the giant carp I purchased everything from both vendors then fed the giant carp the truly precious bait from the Hirata Estate guys. After going back now all he says is “too small, too small...” but I can’t give him any other scales to grow, did I mess something up
Once you buy everything from him and cant give him more scales is anything left to be done or is that it til ng+?
Based on the appearance of their arms and hands, pretty sure they're the same as the rest of the "Nobles" at Fountainhead. Though how/why these particular Fountainhead nobles came to be in pots is a mystery.
Also the pots themselves! Which in Japan are used to trap octopus, and the flute nobles have some sort of octopus like legs!
I'm assuming they are ashamed to be "scaleless" and don't want to be seen by others in that state. Considering they both want them and one of them says "Most of my scales have returned... heh heh..." when you buy enough items. Alternatively they are just hiding because the rest of their clan is hunting them down for trying to kill the Great Carp.
In NG+ in addition to previous items he also sells Red Lump for 3 scales in unlimited quantities.
What I wanna know is why are they both dead. And why I'm stuck unable to buy the important items and shiz
I feel like letting Harunaga live on forever in the past (Hirata Estates) is the good end to this questline, rather than letting the Koremori remain in the real world. Koremori says that Harunaga is a traitor, but I feel this only means that Harunaga wishes to live on forever in the inconsequential world of the bell charm, forsaking the eternity of the fountainhead.
On the other hand, the transcendence could be without demerit in reality as well. Perhaps ending the true birth of a new eternal carp would just stop the rebirth of an inconsequential god, meaning the player's choice to end the lineage was selfish and without merit.
They both seem evil, but Harunaga's immortality is arguably with the least consequence.
Dialogue: "The damned fools at Fountainhead Palace... Soon I'll be a carp. And as age withers you away, as you sit powerless in the face of eternity... I'll be the new Great Carp. Hehee, Heeheeheehee! Heeheeheeheehee!" - Said once the 'Talk' option is selected, once you have been given Harunaga's Truly Precious Bait.
What in the actual ***** is the feeding bell!?!?!?!? God *****ing damn