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When is the appropriate time to use this skill? I've tried using this against enemies who are in the air but haven't been able to trigger it
Usually when the enemy stays in the air for a long time. Either for a long continous attack or for a heavy charged up attack like lightning.
Been trying this against butterfly but haveing no luck to activate. You would think a boss that is in the air most of the time would work with this



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She's usually standing on (possibly illusory) strings from what I remember. When she jumps back and up and is about to summon (you know, when you want to hit her with your shurikens and deny her that*****) maybe you could just fire one shuriken with chasing blade, that might put you in range to be able to deliver an air deathblpw.
She's too high in the air for you to catch her with this; it really only works on mini-bosses and normal enemies that jump around a lot.
It's a normal deathblow, but now. If an enemy is in the air. you an execute it. you can try for yourself on a chicken. Parry it when it does a air attack, jump and attack it. in command terms: R1 -> X -> L1 The enemey needs also to be able to recive deathblows.
Works without parry
uh do you mean L1 -> X -> R1? cause according to what you wrote you're suggesting that people attack, jump, then parry, which makes no sense
Simply put, if you can catch an enemy in the air, you can perform a deathblow, there is NO NEED to break their posture, works even on mini-bosses:
If you're trying to use this against a Shichimen Warrior, you have to have divine confetti active as well.


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Thank you, that explains why it was not working for me.
Sort of seems like that would be a bug (as there should be no reason you need the buff to land it as it isn't like you need it for other deathblows or even hitting them).
So I forgot to buy the skill from the guy. I both tried killing and letting him be. I progressed his quest line up to the point when he's at his son's grave but no matter how long I wait or how far I go, this thing just doesn't want to appear in the offering box. Does anyone know why that happens? I'd really like to get this skill and try it on some boss.
Alright, after I got both items Kuro needed and triggered the invasion in Ashina Castle, the item decided to appear in the box.
That's cause he doesn't die until then.
Except in my playthrough he's still alive and in front of that grave and despite that, the scroll appeared in the offering box.
90% sure this does not work on the lone shadow longswordsman
I don’t think so either. I’ve had problems with this move all around though and maybe connected it like once or twice I tried multiple times on him and the purple ninjas with no luck
No idea how to active this. People say they just have to be in the air put ive tried this on roosters while they are mid air and all I do is a basic attack.
You have to jump as well
Does this work on proper bosses like Genichiro? I mean the Shichisen Warrior is a mini boss at best
I could not make it work on the couple of tries I gave it, but the skill has a dog*****hitbox. It's techincally possible to kill the chickens with this for example but their range is longer so you can't. It's extremely op in theory and with a lot of practise but I can't recommend buying it.
I've managed to use it on chickens, no luck on anything else. Especially since my instinct when Genichiro jumps is to dodge away
No, aerial deathblow does not work on any main bosses. Only minibosses and regular enemies like the chickens and the nightjar.