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What shield is that in the picture?
the Shield of Artorias bro
It’s probably a mod re-skin of the Kite Shield. Artorias’ Greatshield looks just like the Cleansing Greatshield
Okay but I bring him to half health and his tail is still firmly attached. This is gettig *****ing ridiculous.
Impossible as a solo sorcerer 4 souls spear/ more than half dead and tail still won't drop. Either get help or play easy mode warrior if you want this.
just because you are a sorcerer it doesn't mean you can't upgrade any *****ing piece of***** sword and use it as a backup weapon for things such as this. Moron..
You do realize being a sorc or pyro is the easiest way to play this game? Straight up warrior is the challenging.,git good or go home.
Btw idk whi made this but below 25% load even if I run as soon as Seath start moving his head. By the time I circle him his attack is done and he turns around.
he litterally says when he does an atk RUSH B(ehind) him....
Ugh,i almost died 5 times before cutting of his damn tail.Which I've always wondered about, why is his lower body so deformed?In the cutscene at the beginning of the game u can see 2 of his tentacles moving about on the pile of dragon bodies.
B itch ain’t got not legs... ain’t even got no legs


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i have problem cutting his tail. seath goes close to die and the tail was still there! and all his/her health goes when I missed the tail so the weapon goes to his body! i think we have got wrong tail! maybe it's his foot or hand! and the tail is that big part stick body (like sheeps).
You should try to hit the tail in the back, it’s also the largest
Piece o' cake. I ran in, hit the crystal and then ran up to his front left side and whaled on him with a +5 lightning longsword two handed until he dropped. Crest shield and cursebite ring kept most of the damage off when the curse crystals came up, but I just rolled through them back up to him, spammed estus a couple times, rinsed and repeated til he dropped. 1st try. SL87, Artorias set, Crest shield, +5 Lightning Longsword, Cursebite Ring and FAP ring.
That's nice.
i got the tail by doing around 900 damage slightly above the tip of the middle tail
Why doesn't seath use any soul sorcery/crystal magic? You should think he is a master sorcerer....
He dose but in his own way. His breath is essentially a sorcery and he even uses his hands as catalysts to cause an AOE blast. Also, he’s blind and/or has very poor sight so shooting soul spears would be a wast of energy for he cannot see where he’s aiming. All his attacks are designed for large area attack so he found a way to overcome his weakness through sorceries.
He's described as the "grandfather of sorcery". When people use "father of X" or "grandfather of X" to refer to scientists, they usually mean that the guy didn't discover the field, but he articulated some of the knowledge that other people would later use to shape the field. Like an ancient Greek philosopher named Democritus is sometimes called the "father of atomic theory" since he was the first to theorise that matter was made up of lots of different kinds of tiny particles and that the forces of the world were caused by these particles interacting. Obviously, he never saw an electron or a molecule, or really understood what those interactions were, but his theories inspired a lot of future scientists who would go on to prove atomic theory. So returning to Seath, he may not have invented or used a whole bunch of spells himself, but humans used the results of his research to create sorcery. Like Big Hat Logan does.
Inaccuracies here - First off, Seath didn’t build the Archives. The archives were given to him as part of his Dukedom reward for his participation in the Great War. Second, he didn’t go mad as in his obsessions made him insane. More accurately he’s a mad genius in the sense he disregards all morality and empathy, this is where he is seen as insane for he’s experiments and abductions are seen as abhorrent. Third, he plundered the primordial crystal during the war so he could study it, he didn’t discover it for it was already part of his reasons for betraying his own. This is how he discovers soul crystal sorceries for he learns there’s a close relationship and/or link between crystals and soul, it might even be a reason for the undead curse. Anyway, I don’t see Seath as a bad guy, I actually feel sorry for him in a sense and admire (in a game lore perspective) how he transcended his own weakness through arcane science. Granted the cost was very high, but achieved what he was after...until an undead jerk went full Havel on his crystal and him. :P
Oh totally. Conducting experiments on innocent women and children and betraying his whole race to the brink of extinction make Seathe completely admirable.
Seath better hope Anor Londo still has good lawyers to cover-up his allegations.
25 Apr 2019 Anon; lmfao dude!