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WHY is he sitting around in the Tomb of Giants though? Gwyn has to stay put at the kiln, the Witch can't really walk anywhere anymore, but Nito is free to do whatever he wants, but he just naps in his coffin
It's part of the larger theme of balance being broken in Lordran. The Undead have a connection to the First Flame, in the sense that undeath is the unnatural extension of life, just like the linking the First Flame is prolonging the Age of the Gods unnaturally. Nito is supposed to be a Grim reaper-like figure but what purpose does the Grim Reaper have when almost everything is undead and can't truly die? That's why he's chilling in his coffin, he has nothing to do.
he's just a cute sleepy boi
Nito always struck me as the least caring lord. "I don't really care, just keep those dead huys coming and we won't have a problem."
i hate this boss so much then hord of skeleton is kancer
sad that his lore isn't mentioned, I'd like to see his affiliation with One Reborn
I always thought Nito was one of the easiest bosses. Even if you don't put anything in Faith, you can still easily kill his minions with any divine weapon. If you're a magic user or can use bows properly, equip Ring of Fog and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. You can even walk right into Nito's cave and the skeletons still won't see you. Cances are, he's getting stuck between the column in the middle and a minion. With both rings equiooed and a projectile weapon at hand, Nito won't last very long.
They must have expected you to run all over this boss chamber and aggro the mobs, because he's way too easy when you don't.
Might want to amend the easy ranged strategy. I enter the arena with hidden body cast and SDC ring equipped, I don't even touch the controller but Nito still spikes me immediately. Playing on PS3 PTDE
In remastered skeletons still come after you even with rof And if you do the ranged tactic he just spams the sword spell
Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m playing the Remastered version right now and am right outside his boss arena, deciding on my strategy, so this info is very useful.


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Just beat him on the Remastered version myself, he didn't use the sword spell once, weird.
I went in with my faith character and used the “Great Magic Barrier” spell, and Nito never used the Gravelord Sword Dance spell. He had been spamming it before so that may have changed his pattern
That’s real *****in’ nito
I always have close calls but i have never died to nito once yet..
Nito, when I enter the fog gate: Bro, we have a covanent, wtf? Me: *applies sunlight blade to iaito* Nothing personal, Mr. Undertale.