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Anyone who watches the cutscene that plays when you kill Ornstein first; his hand moves slightly just before Smough crushes him. Smough is a prick.
Ez***** Jonx they've beaten my *** a million times even in ng+6 at SL 236
From a summon's perspective, why should anyone kill Ornstein first? Sure, he's more mobile at the start, but if the host is already summoning for help, they're probably not able to win either way. Smough can be bled, is easier to stun-lock before the lightning boost, and the Host gets the Leo Ring after you win. Honestly, this fight is super easy as a Thief/Pyro; Bandit's Knife/PaintingGuardianSword for bleed on Smough, then use Fire Orb and Great Combustion on Giant Ornsteain. The only thing you have to be wary of is Giant Ornstein's grab, but its easily telegraphed with the sparks on his spear and the exaggerated lunge. If the Pyro has the Dusk Crown and Bellowing Dragon Ring, your pyromancy does great damage even if non-ascended flame, and the low weight of the Bandit Knife allows you to more easily carry the Silver Knight Shield or the Gargoyle's Shield, both of which have decent lightning defense in spite of their weight
If you are able to use pursuers NOW IS THE TIME!
I killed them first try somehow with about 5 flasks and don't think that they are that tough. Yeah, maybe I was pretty lucky getting a Blacknight Halberd drop in the forests. But still, so many ppl seem to struggle against O&S. The second Asylum Demon gave me more trouble if not the biggest of all bosses (guess I was underlevelled when I tried it first)