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This method worked best for me: soon as I go in I head for the left orb every time, pretty straightforward. Next while heading for the right orb I run to the middle under what I call her beard. get as close as you can to the entrance because she'll use that fire move but it'll miss you somehow. Run out from under and wait for her sweep attack, immediately after its over run for the right orb but be careful because you have to run along the outside of the root next to the hole that appears, if you don't do this you'll suffer the sweep. If you're fast enough you'll reach the orb just as she begins to sweep. Destroy the orb. I recommend returning to he outside of the fight by whatever means you'd like and then reenter the battle, run up to her close enough to start her sweep and then run out of range but watch for the scythes. Immediately after the sweep run for the platform in the hole but BEWARE because the platform is slightly turned to your right, if you make the jump, run like hell through the branches, else you'll get hit by the fire pillar move, if you have high fire resistance, good on you. After making it through the branches, squash the little *****er who put you through hell both literally and figuratively.
I managed to beat the boss in two hits not one
Hands down easiest boss. I put my summon sign down by the fog gate to farm souls and humanity.
You're absolutely right. Took me two tries to figure out where the floor collapses and then it was smooth sailing. I don't understand all the *****ing
On the bright side, I have tons of demon titanite from all the times I had to run back to this punk.
I f*cking hate this thing! Worst boss in the entire series!
I have absolutely no problem whatsoever saying that this is by far, without a doubt the WORST boss in the entire Souls Series. Lore wise it's fine, but damn is this boss a piss poor attempt at a " Puzzle Boss Fight" if I've ever seen one. #1 worst DS boss followed closely by Prowling Magus and Congregation at #2 and Ancient Dragon at #3.
Prowling Magnus doesn't even come close. Pinwheel is second. Shortest boss fight in the series.
I understand boss fights that offer no challange are a bit off-putting, but at least I can laugh when I obliterate the Prowling Magus and True King Allant. Only rage comes from 'fighting' Dragon God, Bed of Chaos and Old Iron King.
Old Iron King himself doesn't cause it, but the hole does. Otherwise the fight is really just piss easy and boring. It's relatively rare for bosses to be genuinely unfair but there are definite examples like this boss.
I had a lot of luck actually clinging to the boss and running around the outside of the large root- to break the 2nd, right side fire orb.
It's incredible how this "boss" can be so frustrating...
This boss sucks
This boss is complete*****