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Can someone confirm this item does not work against grabs ? I was experimenting stuff to defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi and tried to use this tool to dodge her grab, but no matter the timing I always got caught. I'll try it out on different ennemies but I'd like to know if someone already tested this.
The mist raven does not work on grabs
Jump kick Snake Eyes when she tries to grab, or jump back if your timing sucks.
You can deflect Snake Eyes' grabs, since they're done with their guns instead of by hand.
This prosthetic tool is so cool and bad *** looking... Too bad I suck at using it :'(
That gaurd kicked me *** repeatedly until I drew him to the ledge, jumped off and quickly scrambled back up as he was still looking over. Quickly snuck up behind him and stealth killed... an FYI in case anyone else is struggling
My pride forced me to kill this guy without cheesing. Took me like 10 deaths tried a bunch of stuff, he doesnt let you get many hits but one gauranteed hit is if you parry is lunge - which is actually a kick. He has 2 inavoidable moves one is a sweep that he'll use after a few sword swings, other is a lunging kick he ONLY does after kicking a few times. Chip away his health then break his poise. He also respawns on rest!
I Benny Hill'ed it round the pagoda, swiped this then jumped in the water. Nothing was risked. Nothing was gained, as I never use the damn thing


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It's a really good tool against enemies that have a slow swing or a predictable set-up. Lady Butterfly's frontal attack, when she gets on hit toes before striking forward, or Juzo The Drunkard's slow swing. You can get some good health damage on them if used properly.
Underrated but more reliable than most prosthetics. Probably on par with the firecrackers if not more when it comes to reliability.
I get the guards attention and then jump off the cliff on the far left and grapple to the tree. Go back in to the shaft up and use an Invis sugar before jumping up and circling around to backstab. Works every time.
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