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there is one under the house of the priest of the mibu village just before the fight against the ghost corrupted monk and/or the last idol of the ashina's depths zone
How do you get under the house? Also, you can give that priest water you find in the Fountainhead Palace
In front of the priest's hut one of the porch supports is missing a slat. If you go under and make your way through there is a section of the floor that turns just like a hidden wall and you can use that to get into the house.
There is one in Ashina Castle, right up the stairs from the 'Upper Tower- Antechamber' Idol. On the right side room there is a samurai suit and some swords displayed, the poster behind it is a hidden wall.
Before the Demon Bell, there's a hidden wall on the left with a shortcut to a Headless, which connects to Ashina Outskirts.
5 walls in game... so sad..
5 >currently known< walls. The game's been out for barely a week.
Try attacking
In Ashina castle, there is a hidden wall by those two samurai facing eachother down the staircase from the buddha bonfire before the ashina samurai miniboss. It leads to lord genichiro early
"buddha bonfire"
There's one behind the first headless you encounter that leads to the demon bell


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Since the ones with the white halo upon are obvious... we have got only two real hidden walls.