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I'm **** idiot, I started the game recently (played DKS3 only prior to this one), as soon as I went to Majula I joined this covenant without even doing any research. I play the game and think to myself "Damn, this is so much harder than DKS3". Then I was watch YT video for secrets and saw a guy doing boss with npc summons, but I don't see any signs. Googling why I don't see summon signs someone pointed to this covenant. Reading this paged and I'm shocked from downsides of being member of it.
You poor thing.
It's amusing to see so many people go: "I joined it without knowing what it does and it made my game harder!" Because I did the opposite mistake: I thought it looked kinda suspicious and scary, and I didn't know it made the enemies keep respawning, so I spent my first two playthroughs worrying about running out of soul and item farming opportunities and used a bonfire ascetic at one point even though I didn't need to, which I ended up regretting. On the other hand I'm now surprised to find out it also makes the enemies harder because I never noticed that. I thought it was just the infinite respawns and no phantom summoning.
I see a lot of people in this comment section joined this covenant by mistake, well me too, kinda, i actually intended to join it, ds2 is known for being the easiest one and when i saw it saying it would be a greater challenge i went for it, bu then i stopped playing for a few months and when i went back i didn't remember i was in this covenant, and i was thinking i was a noob for dying so much in the easiest game of the souls franchise, but then i saw something about the enemies stopping their respawns on the internet and was thinking why that never happened to me. After finding out it was this covenant i decided to keep on it, since i was used to the way ds1 was and really hated the idea of the enemies stopping their respawns, also i never really liked using summons (i only use them on ng+ to make things faster), so it didn't bother me, this covenant helped me make this game what i wanted it to be.
Lol. Thats like how I played 2/3 of the way through the first F.E.A.R. game wo realizing that I had bullet-time at my disposal. Just accepted that the game was stoopidass hard. Wasnt much of a challenge with bullet-time turned on.
Vanquisher’s Seal is the best covenant reward in the series But what a chore
I love this Covenant. No phantom babysitting and infinite respawns? Yes, please.
Enemies still stop spawnkng when after i join help?
Did you find a solution?
No bro, after you Join The enemies Will keep spawning
Same problem here, trying to farm human effigies from the dogs in Lost Bastille and the stopped spawning even inside this covenant
Enemies only respawn in patch 1.10?