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Divine confetti does work.


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Phase 2nd if you are quick enough, you can deathblow for free by simple jumping from the tree toward the middle of the bridge. Just looking for red dot appears then attack.
Holy crap, the Lazulite Axe knocks out a third of her health right off the bat if you perform the full 3-hit combo. Easiest to do if you dodge her leaping slam, then immediately charge up the axe.
(OP) nvm they patched it lol. Now only the percussive slam stuns her, so it costs 6 spirit emblems to break her down this way. (Not that it’s much of a penalty for a parry-centric boss.)
I've only fought the illusion version in Mibu thus far, so this might not hold true in the real version fight if the timing, range, area of damage, and/or attack cues change...regarding the big spin attack, it telegraphs well ahead of time and the guide recommends running away, but it is actually fairly easy to evade by repeatedly dodging sideways through the blade (need to dodge ~5 times, but as long as you get the first dodge, the rest are super easy cause it times out near perfect with Sekiro's post dodge recovery), and, given the boss's recovery lag after the attack, this method gives extra time to punish her compared to running away and waiting it out
Is it just me or do the attacks really hit earlier than the weapon?
Just fyi the weapon she uses is a Nagamaki not a Naginata. Naginata is a glaive hers is a sword.
As a bladesmith I have to disagree. With the exception of the more modern (around the Edo period) forms of naginata, the nagamaki and the naginata have the same blade forms but are differentiated by their koshirae, or fittings, and those of the corrupted monk are clearly those of a naginata, having a longer handle and lacking features of the typical japanese sword hilt which a Nagasaki would have.
As well, the monk's blade itself appears closer to being based on the more modern forms of naginata just in an unusually long form, and even fairly long blades for naginata are not unheard of.
Just dealt with the one in Mibu on 1st playthrough (although far from first try), no seeds, no confetti, no sugars, but you need Mortal Draw (MD). When she does her 5 hit twirly: delfect the 1st 4, then dodge into her guard and hit her 2x with MD. Same with her triple sweeps, deflect the first two, and forward step into her guard to dodge the third, then hit her with 2x MD. Dodge away from her unblockable sweep, but deflect her next slash(es), and MD her. If she goes for her overhead leap strike, dodge to the side, and hit her again with MD. If you have trouble telling if she will leap-strike or leap-slash, Simply deflect and wait for her next attacks. While this takes some time, it is effective since she has a clear rhythm, and….isn't cheesy for those who care :)
*****in Narks
in what way is that very clearly intended deathblow "exploiting AI"?
I'm highly skeptical of the "Divine Confetti" point in the strat section. After testing with and without, I've found there is a good deal more damage done (almost x2) with Divine Confetti applied.
To clarify this comment was in regards to the Mibu Village encounter.