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The area boss was pretty cool but a joke in difficulty. I am just a decent gamer and took almost no hits :-O
I have to agree with the op... He was laughably easy and still is for me. I beat him on my first try my first playthrough and i just beat him again on my first try this playthrough. Oceiros is retardedly easy with a faith build and to me he's really just not hard to fight against. He just kinda rushes around the room and if you're dumb enough to get trampled you get hurt, he's like a skinny Vordt...
"retardedly" lmao
Lets go in the garden, you'll find something waiting~ Right there where you left it, lying upside down~ When you finally find it, you'll see how its faded, the underside is lighter when you turn it around~ EVERYTHING STAYS, right where you left it, everything stays, but it still changes~ Ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways, when everything stays.~
Yes :^) adventure time reference. And maybe autism. ;^)
Adventure time = dark souls for kids
No mention of thralls?
Oh yeah, the thralls are there to... They are such a little threat that they were probably forgotten, especially if you consider the real threats there like the pus of man and cathedral knights.
Map is very incomplete.
Make your own map
one of the easiest areas in the game
fist me daddy
In NG+(and more) you don´t need to get the gesture for archdragon peak, if you already got it before.
Anyone willing to help lill oceoros? Sl 73
*ahem* git gu- wait SL73?
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