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this weapon at plus 5 with 40 strength is stronger then a heavy great club at plus 10 but its not a big difference i would jsut pick the one you want based of if you want to be a savage with a rock, or a savage with a stick
Great Club is better tho because it gets better scaling with a heavy gem, better weapon art (Perserverance is good too but its situational), and you can get it much earlier in the game.
Great club better? Well in my opinion they are just 2 different options, for shout i prefer a dark greataxe, dragon tooth is usually understimated due to the ppl that just base their opinion in raw numbers
Dragon Tooth is better at 66 STR and gives fire and magic resists a buff. Perseverance is godlike on GHs, regular poise is beast, and this can still be blessed even though it has a special power. 66 STR build hits like 637 AR before blessed weapon.
While farming for the medicant's staff i killed a summoned havel knight and it dropped both the dragon tooth and havel's greatshield
Well it will if it was the first time killing Havel of course
A shame that except for Havel cosplays I never saw someone running around with this weapon.
This thing is my main weapon in my new Crusader build; has awesome range and stunlocks
R1, kick, R1, jumping R2 seems to be a good combo if u have the stamina for it, I'm not sure though whether the jumping R2 connects or ppl just don't dodge it
R1 into jumping attack confirmed try combo. Works for both 1 handed and 2 handed movesets
Its size and appearance is more like a dragon claw. Compare to the teeth and claw on the wyvern corpse when you fight Havel.
Yes, but its trying to imply that the ancient dragons were MUCH bigger than wyverns we see today



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Why would you compare a wyvern's tooth to the Dragon Tooth? A wyvern and a dragon are not the same thing dude
Since the age of ancients, dragons have been degenerating. Wyverns are just one of the results of this degeneration. Others being man serpents, the weird things in Irithyll Dungeon (with the baby-like faces), and so on...
*unzips satchel, invisible, yet located near the waist, and pulls out a giant bone* "Ashen One, oh please, stop slamming your bone on the dear handmaiden's head."
Havel's dildo
Killed the soul of cinder with this in the 1st attempt in my very first game a couple of years back. That was my 1st fight with this weapon too! Remember doing around 400+ damage, 2 handed with a +5 upgrade. At 40+ str and around 18 dex.
As if the soul of cinder is difficult to beat on first attempt blind. Very disappointing final boss
This is obviously a giant dildo, not a dragon tooth! Miyazaki wtf
Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough
Used it a lot in DS1. Glad its back
Back? It was in DS2 as well...