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In my first play through the Heide Knight did not show up in the Forest of the Giants.
Because you're playing in the Scholar of the First Sin Version
I have the SOTFS edition but the hide knights still don't appear in the tower of flame
Sorry for some reason they thought it was a good idea to only have those updates on PS4/xbox1/dx11. So if you have ps3/360/dx9 you only get the expansions, no extras
it's heide knight.
*swish swish* *swish swish* *swish swish*
Aaaagh! I have been farming these guys for hours, just give me the crusader helmet already!
That musy suck, I got it luckily my first try, no item boosting gear at all
*swish swish* *swish swish* *swish swish*...
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