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On my first playthrough I completely missed his questline, so the first time I saw it I was in the Lecture Building.
I saw him, a spider, attached to the door, I mistook the particles you see when you gain insight for a spell of some sort and I killed him. I'm stupid :(
Did the exactse thing! Walking into a pitch dark room and seeing anything with the body of a spider sort of makes you panic
Nice to know that someone understands my plight.
Patches is always be patches, I kill the one in DS 3 so I also kill the one in BB.
Patches is actually the best NPC in all Souls games, killing him is pretty sad.
he wears the same pendant of Lady Maria and the doll
Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone looking for the +15% Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune; I met up with patches FIRST at the 1F Lecture Building after being abducted by the Amygdala (via the tonsil stone), spoke to him through the door. SECOND, went ahead to the Nightmare Frontier and fell for his trap w/ the cutscene. Did not kill him in Nightmare Frontier. Did not fight Amygdala because I read a few reports here of him potentially glitching if that is done. SECOND, went back and killed Rom then made my way through Yahar'gul Village and killed the One Reborn. THIRD, then got transported to Lecture Building 2F and went and met him the usual way, talked to him, and received the Rune. If anyone else has had as a confusing time as I had dealing with this, I hope it helps. TL;DR: Meet Patches 1F Lecture Building, fall for his trap in the Nightmare Frontier (DO NOT kill him), defeat Rom and the One Reborn, meet him again in the small room where he's guarding the door.
These steps helped me to get his rune, which seems super dodgy considering the player can intervene in a few different places. Hope this helps!
How is it possible u got to him before rom ?
When he is at the Frontier or Yharnam he becomes a merchant, and will sell you an item that can reset the stats, but there is a side line so he can be a merchant, i don't recall how, cuz sometimes he becomes a merchant other times he's just a regular npc behind the red lamp.
liar. LIAR!
He just never experienced friendship. Kind of a Jesus moment if you let him live and not choose revenge. We defeat our own egoism in that moment. The greatest of all beasts.
He tried to kill you, likely did this before and would have succeeded with anyone else. If you let him live you're just dooming any others he ever comes across, who you can bet he will kill or deceive. The only incarnation of Patches that deserves a second chance is the one in the DLC of another game, who lost his memory and actually became a half-decent chap.
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He dropped the Great One Wisdom when I killed him before killing Amygdala. I was having trouble killing that boss and after going to Hunters Dream I awoke at the Library first floor by mistake, so I decided to pay him a visit and then kill him. He dropped the item (NG+)
Just a tiny bit of dialogue missing: when you confront him for the first time from behind, he might say,

"No, this cannot be, you cannot be... No, you didn't... >>> Lord Amygdala? <<< ...How did this come to pass?"

Of course, he only mentions Amygdala if you have defeated it prior to speaking with him, but this one fragment of the dialogue is cut if you haven't, nor does he mention bestowing salvation upon Amygdala. I think this consistency might have been thanks to a patch at one point, though I'm not sure which one.
Funny story: first time I saw Patches was at the Lecture Hall 1F. Mistaking him for an enemy, I had my attack already charged when he started speaking. Oops.
That was unchariably done, dear friend...
Knocked him off thethe wall with a pebbleamerica and it still triggered the trap.