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Has anyone tried handing this in for Kotaro?
Is that the name of the Baby-faced Monk? I spoke with him before giving to Kuro but I did not have the option to give him the flower.
You can’t give this to him. I thought he was talking about this when he referenced a pure white flower, but you actually have to find a white pinwheel for him.
I have this item and I’m sure I found the other ingredients but Kuro won’t accept the Lotus... what the *****
Same for me, Is there something else you need to do?
I had this as well, this is what fixed it for me --- MINOR SPOILERS --- You have to EAT the Sweet Rice Ball Kuro gives you. Even if you have the stone, flower, mortal blade, and you've given Kuro the rice from the divine child, and he gives you the rice ball as a treat, it seems like the dialogue progression is locked until you EAT the ball.
I can't seem to reply to other messages here, but for people with the problem that Kuro doesn't recognize that you have the flower; what worked for me was going back to the snake with the monkey and make the monkey dance. Cause I hadn't make him dance whenever I picked up the persimmon.
thank u it worked when i made him dance!