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Putting this in it's own little space because i feel it's worth mentioning. Sif is a female name from norse mythology. And Siv is an incredibly common girls name in Norway, a derivative of the older Sif.

Sif in norse means "kinship" by the way. And if From Software has not specifically stated anywhere, ingame or otherwise the gender of the wolf, i'm pretty sure it's safe to say that it's a female.

or, it may not be. perhaps we will never know. like most of the souls games, we are free to make our own judgements about a lot of things.
Sorry, just wanted to say that another meaning of the word/name Sif/Siv is, "wife" or "companion". and Sif is Artorias' companion. let's just put two and two together.
On the other hand...the japanese love to appropriate whatever they can find of foreing cool sounding words, with little to no adherence to it's origin. but for whatever reason, i feel that the From Software team have a little more class and genuine interest in myths and such, since creating myth is essentially what they are doing themselves. another reason that makes me believe that Sif is indeed a female wolf.

but now i'm gonna shut the hell up


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It's a resourceful interpretation, and I kind of hope FromSoft doesn't reveal it so it's left up to the community to conjure up their own ideas. :)
In Iceland it’s still Sif with an F but more commonly a middle name
Isn't Sif described as male in several item descriptions or am I misremembering
who cares its a 6 story wolf carrying a greatsword best doggo
p u p p e r
I dont think Im killing him just petting the good boye
Honestly, Sif has the best boss sound track in the entire game in my opinion
I really love wolves and having to kill Sif is just extremly painful and almost makes me cry. My poor wolf baby. :(
One of the more annoying bosses in the game. If you're not fast rolling expect to have a***** time dealing with this mutt.
Naw, just you. Git gud.
ok *
Did this fight cause some weird framedrops for anyone else or am I just a scrub?
Framedrop for me as well
he's a gud boi
How u knew that u needed to kill Sif? I only know because i searched about the abyss
Dark Souls: Prepare to Cry edition
The part of the fight that got me was when his tried to attack but fell over