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I kind of love these somewhat intense bosses like Maria, Friede, and Giel. Don't Parry, don't rely on a shield, just focus and enjoy the fight.


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her fight is actually the one i loved the most i did struggle because i was learning her move set and i did manage to parry her a few times. During my 4th try with her she knocked me into her chair and table and it didn't make me angry instead when it made me laugh and when i finally was done i had laughed some more at her knocking me into her chair and table. tho i do wish it was still there when it was done next time i gotta remember to stay away from them so we don't break them lol.
Anyone near her who can help me she is too fast my ps4 gt is Dajenpool
I’ll help if you need it



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I just spam L2 of Holy Moonlight Sword (Transformed) and parry her in phase 1, and it works like a charm.
This is a fight only suitable playing solo. If you cooperate, the tracking looks like defective for the cooperator.
My favourite fight in the entire soulsborne series, I refuse to parry her just to make the fight longer!
Honestly - very disappointing fight, I played DLC on NG+ and this fight was no challenge. Her blood attacks (those heavy hitters) are absurdly slow and her parry windows are insanely easy to time right - and I'm not parry master or some crazy no hit/speed runner, just casual souls-borne fan.
You, my friend, are a liar. Most of those "absurdly slow" attacks are so fast you cant dodge them
Trying to kill Maria without lock on/guns/backstabs/rely on rolls much (run and outspace in most) while being hyper agressive and using trash damage poison cane in whip form... I think I'm becoming hollow/losing insights as how many times I died.
Just beat her yesterday, what I noticed way too slowly was that pretty much any R2 attack stuns her, but the Holy Moonlight Sword can do it with normal attacks too. Panicked Augur of Ebrietas usage worked like a charm too. Didn't help much when she trashed me with her charged attacks that took 2/3 of my health though
I duel wielded the Blades of Mercy. If you hit her fast enough it will stun lock her. Dodge when needed too. Rinse and repeat. 2nd phase parry her, it’s really easy since the build up for her attacks can be easy to get used too. 3rd Phase I duel wielded Blades of Mercy again, stun lock her and when ever she is about to break it. Use Beast roar to knock her down. You will restore stamina during the roar and when you close the gap. Rinse and repeat. Most human sized bosses can be knocked down by Beast roar.