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Does this item even have use in the game (boss wise)? To my knowledge none of the bosses in the game do Fire Damage, you only get it from normal mobs (torch men and archers) and walking on fire by purpose. Even Lady Butterfly doesn't do Fire Damage..
Yes, this item has use boss wise.


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I don't know about bosses, but at least the Blazing Bull miniboss does fire damage and builds up Burn status.
There is an optional endgame boss that uses fire.
wait until u reached endgame. fire everywhere
There are three bosses that come to mind that use fire
Demon Of Hatred Is Fire Type And one of the hardest so it can be of use.
Can you get this if hirata pot man is dead? I made the mistake of not nabbing it and now idk what to do. It is not in the box by immortal bro.
To answer my own question in case anybody finds themselves in the same predicament, you can get this even after killing the grat carp. Whichever pot dude's bait you give to the carp will become a fish boy. You can find them in the water near their original location. They will continue to sell items.
Does this negate or compliment Dousing Powder?
You can use both at the same time. The respective icons for each item show that they can be used at the same time.