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So I just got 2 bloodrocks for ailing loran chalice type I read here it’s only suppose to be one? Maybe I’m just lucky as rest of the glyphs are now giving mad ones wisdom.
Glyph 5pwujscd – earned a total of TWO Blood Rocks from both bosses Ebrietas (Level 3) and Amygdala (Level 4)!
I was Lucky I guess, my Arcane is lower 15. I better start leveling up.
Maybe put an asterisk or something when giving IMPORTANT Info? Or put the IMPORTANT part UNDER the description which would prevent one obtaining whatever (in this case THE MOON RUNE!!!) Grr.


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They typed the word 'IMPORTANT' in block capitals, emboldened it specifically to make it stand out, and put it immediately under the relevant text so that the only way you could possibly miss it is if you made sure not to read past the word 'IMPORTANT', turned off your computer, then died.
What, do you read one line at a time or something? It's made 100 percent clear in the first option instructions that if you choose option 2, you wont get the rune. I'm surprised you were able to even get that far, BB is a decent challenge, and it appears that just READING is too hard for you to manage.
I found a blood rock in a dungeon I made on floor 3 in the treasure room on the way to the boss. The glyph is ykq7uqzu