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Pretty sure explosion is blunt dmg and scales with gems
Guys, the secret to using this weapon is to use the lead elixir. The lead elixir will five you time to charge the attack while people in PvP will spam you with attacks and get close to them since the weapon is so short. This is also true for PvE as well, you can charge it freely without being interrupted by attacks. Pair it with a Fist of Gratia for the ultimate close quarters build.
I’ve heard rumors of damage being even higher if you use an oil urn. Is this true?
If you have a fire gem on it then yes using an oil urn then attacking will do a lot more damage.
The transformed charge attack's explosion procs fire damage when an oil urn is applied to an enemy I believe, but I've never tried it.
i have the powder keg badge but the messengers dont sell it, nor any of the other keg badge weapons. is there another way to obtain it? its the last one for the trophy. im already at ng+. do i need to obtain the badge again despite already owning it?
Yes you need to get a new badge every playthrough.
Not sure why it isn't showing up, you can only get one copy of the badge per character file, so acquiring it again is not possible or necessary. I honestly don't know what to do about, sorry
I was curious and put 3 charge attack up gems 2 that did 28.6% and one did 30% charge attack up and it was disgusting. This of course renders any other attack useless but man those labyrinth flaming greatsword guys were taking over 1500 damage on a full charge of the transformed charge attack. I wouldn't use it for PvP or PvE respectively but if you are farming those labyrinth greatsword guys for lvl 6 cursed bloodgems then time the charge as they climb up the ladder and as they get up the platform near the outside of the lamp room, you will one shot or nearly one hit them clean off the platform.
The Trick Weapon link is wrong, should be Trick Weapon_s_
If you are hunting Vampires, then this weapon has you covered...
This weapon should be used on a base endurance character, as the best attack is the charged R2 which drains stamina profusely.
Vampires will never hurt you.


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Found a super easy Lost Stake Driver; Lower Lorn Root glyph b264rc7t From the Layer 1 pre-lamp, open the door and go straight through, kill the werewolf and the Silverbeast. The Driver is in the coffin.