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so pretty much if someone is wearing this set you will only get extra dmg from breaking their gaurd or parrying them?
second best armor of the game,after tseldora armor,you know



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The set also has really decent elemental resistance, and really high petrification resistance as well
CHAOS! CHAOS! this set in a shellnut
Wait, Jevil of Deltarune always says chaos. Chaos in DS means powerfull fire. Jevil can do any thing. Jester Tomas can use infinite forbbiden tomatos and other pyromancies. Bloodborne 2 confirmed.
Like, the backstab thing makes sence for the Ironclqd set, you need high stats to use the set and not fat roll and it has a big shell in the back, so why does a piece of *****ing cloth have the same effect?!
If I had to guess, the guys that wore this armor back before going hollow would hide a piece of plate armor in the back (kind of like a modern day plate carrier, but covered by a poofy shirt). It's got a good bit of weight compared to most cloth armor (~2x the shadow top's weight), but gives you just about as much defense.