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As long as they keep the Sekiro series alive, whether it be through DLC or sequels, I'll be happy. Don't get me wrong - I always loved the Souls games, but let's not kid ourselves... After the third one, we got the gist of it. The games didn't REALLY change much over the years, and the formula was getting a bit tired. Sekiro is refreshing in the best ways possible. The combat is genuinely fundamentally different, and they did an amazing job with the verticality in the levels. I would LOVE to call "The Sekiro Series" my new perma-game.
If you finished the game with one of the endings where to head to west, you bet your *** that there's gonna be a sequel.
There's a black text right outside of ishin ashinas building that states there's a black mortal blade that can Pierce through dimensions and to the underworld. I'm pretty sure that's a set up for a dlc
The black mortal blade is already in the game. Genichiro has it at the end of the game, when you fight him and Isshin sword saint.
There will 100% be multiple dlc. Wether it be a mechanical maze from Dogen or memories of the past.
Would be sick to see some karakuri enemies
So I haven't seen anyone mentioning this so here is my take: Make no mistake, this game is no Dark Souls and Bloodborne in terms of replayability. I firmly believe 91 metacritic was deserved however we must accept that replayability is not there unlike the above series. So how does this issue into the DLC? If I were Miyazaki, I would attack the DLC from the replayability angle. Give us DLC content in the likes of Old Hunters. Nothing big, 5 hours, 4 big bosses, 10-20 minibosses (doesnt matter). AND THEN, make it so the game is replayable from the stratch. How do we do that? Allow us to play a different character than Wolf (different skills, weapon, trees, etc.). I don't know if this would be possible due to lore reasons, but this would solve the replayability issue big time.
Not sure why the downvotes. This game is very satisfying to play a 2nd or 3rd time but certainly not near DS level of replayability unless you're a speedrunner. I am however definitely expecting a DLC on Tomoe though - just more bosses, prosthetics, esoteric texts would be enough to get my money.
Stupid comment and logic.


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Play as Ishin during the rebellion thats mentioned, or as the Sculptor during his past, or even as Emma.
The game doesn't have to be dark souls, it doesn't need infinite replayability. It doesn't matter if this game will fade into obscurity faster because of it. I'm happy with the game as is, doing only a bunch of playthroughs to get all endings then moving on to something else.
I don't expect any DLC. Activision wouldn't skip on a season pass or a deluxe edition knowing that additional content is coming and nothing has been announced. While more gameplay is always welcome, I think the game could have a sequel or a prequel.
Sekiro 2: journey to the west
Sekiro 3: “Robert Strikes Back”
Darkblood Sekiro: era of waifu
Sekiro 4: Hanbei's past
Sekrio 5: A new hand
prob get a DLC in a year
Id say give it a couple months when everybody beats the game. (I know its a long time but the game is hard af)
pls we want a DLC with the history of Dogen,Ishinn and the sculptor
Personally I don’t see a dlc coming as this is a game with a pretty straightforward story and ending and I don’t see how a dlc would work unless it was like something with Hirata Estate though I think it’s unlikely what I can see is a sequel where we can customize our Shinobi like in previous soulsborn games where we can change weapons, tools, clothes, and we still have the poster bar, deflecting, and jumping though this may be more wishful thinking than anything else so it’s probably just worth a pintch if salt
eh, the lore is vague or little enough to where they could easily add more story after specific endings. Even if they didn't, there's plenty to make it about BEFORE Sekiro was set
They set it up with the vague backstory of Tomoe. DLCs are set in the past usually, and Sekiro already allows you to travel into the past with the Buddha. Easy enough set up.
You lost me at poster bar
Bloodborne was a pretty straightforward story and we got The Old Hunters for it. Just because a game has a straightforward original story, doesnt mean it wont have little nooks and crannies to explore
THERE WON'T BE PAID DLC, AND HERE'S WHY: (DS3 was the end of an era) 1.) Activision is the game's publisher. Previous Soulsborne games were published by Bandai and Sony, where add-on DLC is much more common practice. Activision's business model for DLC focus on games-as-a-service, with tons of microtransactions and/or season passes to keep players paying over long periods of time. Yes, Sekiro sold well for a single player game, but that's nothing compared to the revenue Activision pulls in from other big titles. Also, Activision likes to sell it's DLC in advance. Don't you think they'd be shoving a season pass for DLC down out throats by now? The game has already been out for a month! 2.) Miyazaki is Fromsoft's president now now that Miyazaki is leading the company he can choose projects he wants to do, and what he doesn't want to do is be chained to an IP for multiple sequels and DLCs. Ask any creative person, and they'll tell you they're rather be moving on to new works rather then dwelling on old ones. He also doesn't want a B-team working on content like we had with Dark Souls II. 3.) Sekiro is a single player game only. Continually supporting a game to balance weapons and abilities for PVP eats up a lot of studio development time, and that's time they could be working on new games. It's one thing if there's new levels and other assets being added as well, but those go hand-in-hand, and without one the other isn't likely. I know this isn't what a lot of you want to hear, but please think about it logicly before you reactively hit that thumbs down button like an emotional child. I'll happily be wrong, but knowing what I know about the video game industry this is what seems most likely.
"Hit that thumbs down like an emotional child." -some ***** who knows better tgan everyone else.
You're contradicting your own logic slightly. You may have a point, since it's entirely correct to consider business practices and profit as determinate. Yet, you then proceed to talk about Miyazaki's preferences as a 'creator.' Miyazaki, arguably, prefers new IPs because they're a more sustainable business practice. Multiple DS2s could kill the company's reputation. To talk as though a corporate behemoth is some artist sat at an easel is not only wrong, but goes against the more accurate reality check that you preceded it with.
As long as there is a DLC, I'm happy. If there's no pay wall I'm even happier. If there's no DLC, I'll be hoping for a comic or something, but I'll be cool with that too.
My guess on DLC topics, in order of likelihood: 1) Kingfisher's story, possibly played as Orangutan, which would inherently include Dogen as a key character. 2) A secret alternative to Immortal Severance that Tomoe discovered in the past. 3) Expounding on Owl's deal with the Interior Ministry. 4) Isshin's coup... I seriously doubt a post-ending DLC is incoming, as that's never happened in a From game, excluding the time travel shenanigans of Ringed City that's FAR in the future.
My bet is on Isshin's memories, in the cutscene he performs both a mikiri counter and an shinobi execution on Kazuyoshi Tamura. Extensively he faced a lot of formidable foes such as (Sh)urang-utang.