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I killed the Guardian ape first . after that I killed the headless ape in the Arena but I dont have the mortal blade. Can I just get the mortal blade , come back to the Arena and execute him and get the ninjutsu ? or it is to late now to get it ?
You will encounter the Headless Ape again in Ashina Depths. Only there you receive the Bestowal Ninjutsu.
For the highest spirit emblem cost of literally everything, it is really useless.
Hahaha what. It's amazing. The increased damage is decent enough, but the ridiculous range you get is something else.
For people still wondering, I got it from the second ape fight in the caves.. the deathblow doesn't show up however you just see the body wiggle then attack it. (Attack where the worm is)
I need some hard numbers on how much extra damage it does.
And have it on my desk by 8am Monday god dammit!
THIS JUST IN: Not worth the spirit emblems it costs in any scenario.
Killing the white geckos will also imbue your sword with and different buff
Yeah it imbues the sword with a lifesteal buff
This skill basically turns you into the Phase 2 Lady Maria for 30 seconds
The poison and lifesteal variants are really cool, but I feel like they weren’t implemented very well. The buff usually doesn’t last long enough to make them of any use against any nearby enemies, since “nearby” usually means 15 seconds away. I wish there were more enemies that could offer these abilities than just the geckos, like maybe the palace nobles (since they specifically steal your life away). Otherwise, it’s cool as hell, and especially fun when combined with stuff like Whirlwind Slash, Floating Passage, or high damage moves like Ashina Cross (except you’ll need a lot of spirit emblems for this).