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The best weapon in the whole damn game. There's no 'hard' boss it can't cheese, or at least make MUCH easier. Champion Gundyr? Cheesed. Nameless King? CHEESED. He spends the whole fight slow-walking at you. Friede? Well, not cheesed, but made much safer during the first and third phase, and she's filled with bolts to ruin her invisibility for good measure. Even at NG+7, this thing is indispensable. Long live the arbalest. Composite bow, go home.
Funnily enough it's a direct copy of Dark Souls 2's Heavy Crossbow.
Miyazaki you've done it again
"The largest crossbow"
Is lighter than half of the other crossbows.
Maybe it’s hollow, just like me! that is the actual video for the location
My hero
Just took out aldrich with this thing.
They just had to make the best crossbow the ugliest too
True its why im bot using it
Whenever you enter the arena and your opponent spawns in with a dark infused Lothric Knight Sword and an Arbalest on their side, you know you're in for fun time.
Hah that’s totally me
As odd as it seems, I just got my second arbalest dropped from a random arbalest bearer undead. It should not be classified as Rare Item anymore, I guess.
Just got another one. And it's doesn't seem to be that Rare. At most, it's an uncommon drop from Arbalest-wielding Undeads.
It wouldn't be a "rare" item anyway, it's a guaranteed pillage on the balcony like the wiki says
I found one dropped by a Hollow soldier right before the chapel of the deep. apparantly missed something; I got my arbalest from the first Cathedral Knight wielding one. They drop 'em, too.