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Damn this game is so short. The time spent is merely from dying while learning to play...the replay value is barely at all if really any I don't feel the usual want to like with the other games they've done. Hell, I played each of the other ones for literally a year after release and this game is like "yup back in the stack with the other games i've played" *sigh where's BB2*
The replay value is there for the second playthrough for the non trophy hunters. You can do NG+ and see if you have really mastered combat and the enemies by beating it quickly. Other than that, the replay value lies in the 4 ending imo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Ashina Castle and Depths have a way too similar color in the flowchart, Imo.
The icons for bosses/minibosses on the flowchart are almost impossible to see...
I think Sunken Valley is the canonical progression route after Ashina Castle, not Senpou Temple.
***** trying to fight that damn monkey without as many beads and memories as possible though
So after the Ashina Castle where I should go: Forra or Senpou Temple?
You mean “forest” or Senpou? Cuz I’d say Senpou is probably best
holy***** this walkthrough is very poorly made? half the***** says make your way through x area and defeat x mini boss without mentioning where or how to get there.
It’s not the walkthrough, it’s the progress route, the walkthrough is on a different page.
If you want your hand held go somewhere else. I like a progress route for a game like this so I can have some semblance of a guide while still having the freedom to figure out the game myself...
This walkthrough is perfect. Just tell me what are the main things that I need to do in an area, and then I'll figure the rest out. Reading out a whole guide is boring and tedious, and it ruins the pacing of the game.
learn to use the website. GIT GUD.
Eat a******.
Its a guide not a walk-through if you want your hand held go watch a lets play on youtube.
You are *****ing moron, nobody fights Lady butterfly 2nd. Because of your***** route I thought this game is absurdly and unfairly brutal. Every *****ing all beads and memories runner fights her around 2/3 in.
My fist time through the game without using guides or anything she was the first boss I encountered, and eventually the second boss I defeated. She's entirely beatable early on, just takes some practice.
I killed Lady Butterfly second, on the first attempt, and I'm not that great pal. It literally tells you to dodge counter to beat her. Genichiro's going to ***** you up if you thought she was hard
I beat Lady Butterfly after Oniwa. I’m new to Fromgames. I couldn’t get past the *****ing blazing bull. So I killed Lady Butterly and got strong enough to get past the Blaxing Bull. I can’t say she wasn’t that hard, but I made it through her phase 1 in one try and it just took getting through phase 2.
That’s how I played it. Lady Butterfly second. It was a great learning experience.
Whai if i pick up white lotus before talking to emma for dialog ? is there a way to talk to her ? or i has to defeat owl first ?