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Still not sure what triggers this or regular rice "harvest" to be ready. It seems that it might actually be partially tied to using the rice, and maybe story progression.
it looks like it's similar to the shrine in dark souls 2. if you had no effigies it would turn you human iirc seems like if you don't have any rice and you request for it she gives you
ye i read i could do all the steps for the ending before owl fight, BUT she never gave me a second serving of rice no matter how often i rested (had no rice in inventory aswell). But once i killed owl and activated the thing in kuros room with the flower and the stone and visited the inner sanctum again she gave me the rice and after resting fell asleep etc. So I thing activating the thing after the owl fight is a trigger for her to give you more rice.
Try travelling a few times or giving her persimmons, works for me.



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She is giving me Fine Snow, and I have not defeated The Owl (Father) yet.
Extremely OP heal that lasts for a long time, I'd estimate its about 4-5 gourds worth of healing Allows you to facetank many bosses Its OP because you can keep getting new ones from the child
Can this be given to the praying granny instead of normal rice?
Maybe? Not sure why you would need to though... Granny just gives you vague hints on how to get the Fresh/Dried Serpent Viscera if you throw Rice at her. If you are getting Snow instead of Rice then you already got the Viscera and don't need the hints.
Not possible cus she super dead at this point
How do you get more rice/snow? She keeps apologizing and saying it's still in harvest
use your rice rest ask again
Giver her monkey fiber of the seven temples, she will close the door. If you eavesdrop you will hear her squeezing out a turtle head. Rest some more and she will produce for you fine snow.
Neither of those 2 advises actually worked
Whoever said this stuff can be requested in unlimited quantity and stacks up to 99x is wrong.
Everyone can edit it, I just changed it
Can anyone explain to me why you can carry 3 fine snow although despite you have to use it before receiving the next one?? She always tells me to come back later for more and I have to use it before she gives me more fine snow
Developer oversight, I guess?
After giving snake hearts she can be heard suffering when the doors are closed
You can't get more rice from Divine Child on NG+ if you are carrying Fine Snow from your last playthrough. You need to eat it to get her to produce rice and progress her quest.
She doesn't give you Fine Snow if you still have Rice in your inventory. You have to be completely out of stock of both items to get 1x Fine Snow.
That's not true. I had 1x Rice in my inventory and I requested another one. She gave me 1x Fine Snow instead.
Not true