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the weight is not correct
you can only get this set once per run.
Once per character. Not sure if "run" meant new game cycle or character
This set is for *****s
no u
spooky scary skelly wraith...
Does this set actually provide no POISE?


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eDgY Xd
I wear this armor to be EdGy
I'm a protagonist but still joined the darkwraiths. it is much easier to get the set, sword, and hand, basically becoming a darkwraith, in DS3. merely slay enough hollowed darkwraiths since their equiptment, other then the hand, are common drops. the hand can be purchased from Yuria, who, in my opinion, is a better waifu then Anri. too bad Yuria dies after being summoned to fight the soul of cinder, but I do get to claim her set and weapon without slaying her and the ending for usurpation of fire still works
Yet this is dark souls 1