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If Lorian is crippled.... how can he stand up with that one attack?
I don't think he actually stands, i think he teleports mid air and uses his legs as a crutch to aim his swing, but if his legs did work...he'd be so goddamn powerful.
he is a puppet to his younger brother. He teleports him. He will probably also pull him up. Maybe even controlling every move of him. Nagato/Pain style. If his younger even exist. I think we have infact to deal with one prince. The one the game only tells us about. Lorian Lothric. But he broke into two halfs. The dull doll Lorian he needs to be to fullfill his role as a prince and Lothric, the true Lorian who hates his fate and family. And of course the true self is controlling the fake self.
He doesn't "Stand" but more appropriately, pulls himself up. He pulls his leg up and pushes his weight down to use both of his legs as makeshift crutches, to only then come crashing down on you, with his weight and his sword. Also he's so tall 0_0
His illness crippled him, not paralyzed. Think leprosy.
This fight is pissing me off i get lorian to 25% health and he just m bysons me with that teliport instintly taking me from 13 estus down to 7 then he gets his touchy feely bro to join this is almost as annoying as that damn dancer fight.
NG+9 (??)"

Many of these bosses display a drop for +9. They can't all be typos..?
4xL2 with Dragonslayer Greataxe +5 fisnishes the first part
piece o' trash boss
The Dragonslayer's axe which you get from Creighton is very good for this fight. After an attack/combo swing once then roll to the right, the timing causes you to dodge his next attack most of the time. The lightning damage is good and it doesn't require, nor scale with faith.
I put my faith into the dragonslayer axe, It’s actually one of my favorite weapons to quest after. I also combine it with blessed weapon and the right eye for a bit of extra damage.

This weapon is very good for this boss and pontiff



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did Orbeck of Vinheim questline but his sign didn't appear
I am SL1 btw
My favorite boss but I'd been killing them far too quickly in my previous cycles, so I gave it a try with +0 weapon this time. I was so surprised when lorian stood up lol
Go fist fight Gwyndolin in DS1, you might be surprised that the infinite hallway, does infact actually end.
Due to his unusual lightning weakness, it should be pretty obvious that the Dragonslayer Greataxe is pretty decent here. Just don't try to stagger him with it, as the axe obviously doesn't have a thrust attack (for those aiming for his hip). At 46 str/ 36dex/ 12 fth the axe's lightning call can do a pretty decent 777 dmg to him if you hit him in the right moment (it seems that bosses are more susceptible to all forms of damage if you hit them in their attack motion). Additionally, if you don't have the Irythill Straight Sword/ Rapier or don't mind getting frighteningly close, using Carthus Beacon, Pontiff's Right Eye, and Refined Claws of at least a +8 level with either gold pine resin or the frosty version of it will work very well since the left bumper series of the claws is meant to rack up combos anyways. At the same stats those claws can run up to 1700+ damage on a lothric knight (this, of course, is not Lorian; I am simply plugging for one of my favorite weapons here) without any resin and just the beacon and eye active. Oh yeah, don't try to summon help for the twin princes either as they will just get destroyed in a half-second and leave you with a buffed version of an already tough boss.
hitting a boss in its attack motion counts as countering damage, same goes for you and just about every enemy.
Lightning infused claymore +10. No more than two hits when you get the chance. Lock on him, and his teleport trick won't work, as long as you roll once he starts to appear behind you. Don't chase after him. Just keep your distance and wait for him to come to you. That's all.