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If you do a New Game with an existing complete game save, you can start New Game with Kuro's Charm.
it says that in the first line of the article
"Sekiro needs an easy mode" How about ***** you, here are two stacking hard modes at the start of the game you ***** :D love it!!
This is so lame, i finished NG+2 without kuro's charm. I started ng+3 while drunk and forgot to give the charm to kuro. So now i'm stuck playing with the charm, which is WAY too easy once you finish without it. Please make it so that you can give it away any time. This playthrough is going to be boring as*****.
i kinda agree im on ng+2 rn before owl fight and it doesn't feel a lot harder than ng+0. would have loved to give it away at anytime :/
If you need more than 30 minus to finish game cycle your are noob.
Oh man....I think i gave him the charm just thinking it was a good idea...NOOOOOO...restart methinks
You can get it back from the sculptor after the tutorial.
Playing without it also increases posture damage received, decreases posture damage inflicted on enemies.
Pretty sure the Mikiri deathblow thing is wrong. Successful Mikiri counters do not award guaranteed deathblows on non boss enemies. A deathblow opportunity after a Mikiri is caused by the Mikiri breaking an enemie's posture.
I think it increases enemy posture (someone else in the comments says ~30%), so many enemies that would automatically be posture broken after a mikiri instead recover from it with a little posture left. So whoever put that in is technically right, but in a really roundabout way.
"Not having the charm in your inventory leads to the following hardships according to my testing: - Enemies gain more Vitality and Posture (smth around 30%) - Enemies deal more damage (e.g. all grapple attacks from the chained ogre kill you instantly) - You receive around 20% more Sen - You receive around 15% faster Skill-point-gain - as already mentioned: Blocking physical attacks (basically missing the deflect) makes you take about half of the damage of the attack." Yep ! That is the truth : please update the page ! I'm running an NG game without the bell and i m sure of this part : "Enemies gain more Vitality and Posture (smth around 30%) - Enemies deal more damage (e.g. all grapple attacks from the chained ogre kill you instantly)" I agree that's something about 30 % more Vitality and Posture. I agree they deal more damage (lady butterfly is no more the weak woman she used to be, i had to learn the fight for the first time).
"The debuff doubles enemy vitality and posture". That doesn't seem right. I think there's a definite increase, but nowhere near that high (editor possibly had Demon Bell on as well?). Someone else in the comments reckons it's around a ~30% increase, which seems closer to what I've seen, but I've not really done any proper testing.
As the description says Charm increases Vitaly and Posture, but bell instead increases Vitalty and Posture RESISTANCE. I was fighting Owl on the top of Ashina Castle - with both these items it is so OP. It is very difficult to beat even first phase because he has both very high Vitality and res to Vitality damage and deals so much Posture damage if you miss a deflect.
I forgot to mention, this is during first NG+. I also wish to understand what the real numbers for these debuffs are.
I kept Kuro's Charm but I'm still noticing an increase in difficulty and definitely and increase in EXP and sen form enemies. Does a NG+ come with an automatic difficulty spike, or did I glitch the game somehow to activate hard mode without giving the charm away?
I don't know the full details, but in previous FROM games the biggest spike in difficulty was always from the regular game to New Game Plus and every new cycle's difficulty increase was a lot less.
Does the chip damage apply to the umbrella too (when turtling and not spinning)?