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The skill trees give me a "covenant" vibe but applied to combat style. Like if I were good at deflecting (I'm not) I would solely upgrade the Ashina arts and then offer pale tongues and blood dregs to Tengu.
There are at least 5. One of which hasn't been mentioned yet but I found during my time as a beta tester. It involves epic level techniques and was very very hard to find and is a secret. One such is a finishing move with the mortal blade.
The final one is called “Mushin” you must get the last attack of any tree and beat Genichiro to access.
I added an index in the table for Dragon Flash which i unlocked upon beating the game with the standard ending. If I dont get to it, someone should make a page for it.


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122 total skill points to cap all trees.
I believe it's 125 (calculated it twice now).
Currenlty missing: Floating Passage combat art procured from the pot merchant in Hirata Estate or fountainhead palace post-Master carp quest.
Sometimes not having a combat art equiped is better since it can screw up your attack if you accidentaly press block and attack at the same time wich is quite possible considering they are the 2 buttons you ll be pressing for 80% of the time. For example the ichimonji has a long animation.
I did gave up on combat arts, I was getting killed way too many times because of that. The Button combination is plain awful imo, and there's no way to tweak it in the settings.
Just change the button?
Hell no, you just suck at using combat arts and pressing buttons at a particular time. You never have to hold L1+R1.
This was the case for me when I fought Isshin the sword saint. Needed High monk for the first fight, unequipped for the next three phases because I screwed up twice in the last phase by accidentally activating high monk and getting slammed hard to the ground
get gud kid also keybinds? you literally can't even complain about button assignments
179 skill points for all these skills and it increases how much exp you need with each skill point this will be the last achievement anyone gets probably
Yeah I need 20 more skill points and the grind is *****ing insane
THANK YOU. I've been looking for the total amount of skill points needed to get this trophy/achievement. "Only" 27 skill points left
The skill Anti-Air Deathblow is missing
Are ALL skills required for the "Height of Technique" trophy? Or just the combat arts? I'm on NG+2 and it still seems like a crazy grind..
All seem to be needed, in my experience. It was hell to grind for this...
Can be even worst. Look, i have all the skills, it's not the achievement
Yeah, and don't forget to do the bad ending too so you can get One Mind.
You don't need the skills from the bosses, i got the trophy without having One Mind.
Why is that my skill points bar has more than 10000 skill point needed to unlock the second skill bar
Because you're very high level?