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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I found this in the area within the Portal of Dreams (lizard embassy), after the arena fight. There's a chest in the top-right, you'll need to teleport to get to it.
This skill is just like communism. Bad and pointless.
Not pointless. You just need to know some basic math in order to understand how you can take advantage of it.
Please don't make political comments on a game wiki. It's not clever or fun only annoying.
Someone needs to get good.
Very powerful skill against powerful monsters that have much higher vitality and armor than your characters. It becomes a powerful attack AND buff at a cost of 3 AP.
This spell is very strong. Used it in the Adramalik fight. Teleportet an almost dead nurse next to him and boom he lost 2/3 phys/magic and health.
Fun fact: The Soviet anthem plays at ear shattering levels everytime you use this spell
Does anoyone know how to get this skillbook I heard you have to craft it but I cant find Alien Life essence and Pilgrim shells
I bought it from the polymorph vendor at Arx. He's located in the southeast area of the cathedral, near Saheila and the elf vendor.