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It s a great fight but his spirit owl can go ***** itself, it s so confusing trying to read his moves with that blinding light circling you at all times.
The hirata estate hidden wall is just dumb, there's no way to know it's a wall you have to hug unless you try that on every wall. I'd understand if there was a precedent but usually the rotating walls have the person's outline on it.
It's not just an ordinary wall, though. it has a very conspicuous scroll on it, and you can even see the doorway around it.
I was able to tell because you can see the item’s glow from outside the hall. That’s why I personally look in every corner in these kind of games!



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I'm gonna have to agree with these two. I didn't know rotating walls were a thing, and I figured something was up with that wall. Got stupid lucky, granted, but still. Plus, it's meant to be a secret, neh? Not necessarily something to easily grab on the first playthrough.
I also agree with comment section. The one in Hirata was the first one I found. They don't always have an outline either but they do look suspicious if you have a sense for these types of games.


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I'm having the issue where the bead is (I assume) in the offering box, but unobtainable (despite a previous comment stating they can be purchased from the box for 2,200 sen). My question is, if I go to NG+, do I have to just guess which miniboss it was from and get lucky? I'm thinking it was Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer, since he disappears after defeating the divine dragon and he's the only one I don't 100% recall beating (still thought I did after talking to the Tengu in the same room?) Pretty big tease to show the Offering Box with an item you can't get.
How can the prayer bead be in the offering box but unobtainable? He prayer bead isn't unobtainable if it is in the offering box.


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To the person replying, yes it can and was. The box was glowing like an item was in it, but couldn't buy it. The latest patch confirms this, as I can now buy it.
Believe Their five bead in sunken Valley
I was at 39/40 and found my last one in a Mibu hut's attic sitting on a little shrine. This is near the upstream of the river and you have to grapple to get up there.I feel like this one is very easily missed if it helps anyone. The link from above
Didn't realize I can't post links here. Search "Water Mill Sculptor's Idol" on this page and find the video's link.
Is it possible to get the one in the attic rafters above where you first meet Tengu after you defeat the divine dragon and Ashina is ablaze? I can’t seem to get back there. Thanks!
Oh maybe I got confused. I just have to kill demon of hatred first?
Yes you can get the bead above Tengu in the tower after As mine is ablaze. However you do indeed have to kill the demon first.
I have 38/40 but it turns out I need to do the Purification Ending to get the last 2. Thanks FromSoft °¬° I would be more mad if I didn't like Sekiro as much as I do.
Errr rather I needed to attempt/complete necessary actions to achieve the ending. Kinda annoying how obscure the second bell is but that's fine I guess.
I just killed Masanaga on ng+ because i missed him the first time, and he didn't drop a prayer bead. Also none in the offering box. The only other 2 i'm missing are from hirata estate round 2, so that will put me at 39/40. I'm confused and pissed.
I'm missing the one in fountainhead behind the headless, and just finished the Shura ending in Ng+, RIP
I had 3 prayer beads and killed the Guardian Ape, which netted me 2... but you can only carry 4. Now I have 39 beads, and I think the last one was lost. There's nothing in the offering box, either. Guess I'll find out in NG+. :/
Nevermind. I figured out where it is... I think. Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizou.
Note that this is not true, you can definitely carry around 10+ unused prayer beads.