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a bit of a paradox that "chaos" is based on faith and intelligence but the "chaos-creatures" have always a huge chunk of str within their builds if I look at their weapons (Hammer, axe, Demon fists).
That's their base strength. Sheer strength of their body



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can i play
Magic and lightning also do respectable damage against these enemies. Also, you can lure the Knight Slayer Tsorig invader to the demons area and use a Seed of a Giant Tree to make them both fight.
"Get between its legs" that DOES sound pretty hot to be honest 10/10 would take thrust dmg from demon
Just use rapport to kill them, ultimate strategy.
Just going through NG++, and tried to bait the Mimic to help out for the Fire Demon on the way to the Smoldering Lake. That Mimic single handedly destroyed the Demon. They got locked into some sort of animation loop where the Mimic kept getting it's large golf-swing kick attack in, staggered the Demon, and the Mimic went straight for the kick again while the Demon tried to wind up for an attack before getting staggered out of it again. Yep, that Mimic stagger locked and killed the Demon for me, all by itself. Best Mimic ever.
All praise for the mimic
Immune to frostbite is a lie... i tuned him off every time i hit with irythil sword (he become whiter). Then he uses somekind aoe blast to turn his fire back on. Absolute abuse strategy to just turn him of with that sword, place a few hits, run away from blast and come again.
Me again. In Undead settlement* dunno what about cathedral, didnt get there yet
The one at the Undead Settlement has the best hitboxes in the world /s



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How is this thing immune to frost? That doesn't make any sense
The Chaos flames burn too hot? Seems pretty obvious to me that a being born of the Witch of Izalith's flames (though never witnessing it like the Old Demon King did or whatever) would have no weaknesses to something like frost.