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I want all ending so I'll do 4 playtroughts ... On a scale of 1-10, how hard are ng+ #1-2-3-4 each if we compare to the original first run ?
The original is going to be the hardest by far due to needing to learn all of the encounters/enemy patterns. That said, each subsequent playthrough is going to be harder than the one before it because your health will stop scaling up and the damage you get from boss memories doesn't keep up with the extra hp enemies get from later playthroughs.


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If you don't mind savescumming, you can get all four endings in two playthroughs. The Powerpyx guide to doing so is the optimal approach, IMO (saving the Shura ending for NG+.) If you'd rather not savescum, I would recommend Return NG, Purification NG+1, Severance NG+2, Shura NG+3. Endgame bosses start to require some pretty solid precision around NG+3, and the Shura bosses are probably the easiest to figure out in this regard.
Go for Purification ending first if you're worried about difficulty, as this is the one that forces you to fight an additional boss and 1-2 minibosses (one's optional) and is required to get two prayer beads. Shura is the shortest, but it locks you out of a bunch of endgame bosses (i.e. attack upgrades) and lazulite to upgrade your prosthetics to max level.
NG+1 is a 2 or 3, if regular NG is a 5. I'm only up to and including Genichiro in NG+2 so far, but currently it's feeling like a strong 2. Partially because I've gotten more practice, and partially because I did Purification on NG+1, and the extra damage is melting all my enemies like butter. Depending on how hard you find it, you might want to kill as many bosses as you can every NG+ to make later runs easier. The extra purification boss can be fought regardless of which ending you're actually getting, I'm pretty certain, and Demon of Hatred can get pretty easy once you learn how you have to fight him. Same goes for Headless Ape. You could skip that one, but it's often pretty easy, and the extra damage can be huge.
Sooooo.. I think I messed up. I wanted the one mind skill so badly that I chose shura ending and didn’t stay on that playthrough to get all endgame gourd seeds, prayer beads, etc. lmao looks like I’m grinding all over again to receive all the missed items :/
It says you can still receive any gourd seeds you may have missed on the first playthrough, just not more from previous ways you got the gourd seeds
^^ I did the original post. But thank you, I was worried that the additional endgame items were not available to receive at all. But I think I got almost everything (the ones while progressing the story) so just gonna play to where I was when u chose shura and look for the ones I didn’t end up getting
So does the exp and sen gain, as well as any extra difficulty, increase past NG+7 (8th cycle)?
Difficulty supposedly doesn't. We don't know regarding exp and sen, but it can be safely assumed that it doesn't.
Added that parting with Kuro's charm increases Exp/Sen rewards by 20%. That's the number that's been consistent across all my testing against various bosses and minibosses so far.
I may just be misremembering my first play through but I feel like NG+ ads a few enemies? Specifically, spirit Nightjars. Am I crazy? Probably.
Phantom enemies are spawned as you progress in the game,ng+ not add any new enemies,you not notice this before because you not explore old locations on first playthrough.
Yeah, like the other poster says, phantoms are tied to the game's day/night cycle (like how in Bloodborne certain enemy placements changed after beating certain bosses) rather than new game plus or bell demon or anything like that. The enemy pages still need a lot of work, especially when exactly certain phantoms spawn.



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Pretty sure they start to appear during the dusk/twilight hour(the tips in the game also mentions this), there is a term for that in Japan called 'The hour of meeting evil spirits(逢魔时)' .
Also saw it, pretty sure is a NG+ thing.


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I have problem. I start sekiro NG+ I have 37 attack power but the game difficult even I have kuro’s charm
What,i dont have that much atk power even when i was ending ng+3,spend more time on learning enemies patterns instead farming, maybe than game will be not that hard.
I beat new game with 15 attack power and new game plus with 30 attack power, I am on a third play-through and I have not needed to increase my attack power yet - several memories not yet converted into remnants. You should be fine through new game plus - and beyond - with your current 37 attack power. You could be over 50 attack power at the end of new game plus. Monster.
I'm on Ng+ 9 and the difficulty still increases.
I`m on NG+12 and I can confirm it. Everybody says it stops after NG+7 without testing, only because Dark Souls stops after NG+7. This wiki is bull*****
ng+8? again play enjoy, just do it DLC!! sekiro: horrorborn!!
There is a symbol next to the Ashina Combat tree passage thing in NG+ what does it mean/do?
itd be nice if this page said exactly how much exp/sen gain increases with each cycle.