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These fights are absolutely easy. Purple umbrella plus projected force. Use it as soon as the boss jumps and it's an insta-deathblow. I consistently did it on all three of them.
It is not possible to get to the abandoned dungeon schichmen if you haven’t unlocked the bottomless pit idol by endgame. I’ve tried everything.
There actually is, try warping to the underground waterway idol
Isn't that the one right after the lone swordsmen? If so you literally just swim up to it right after the mini boss fight.
There are actually two routes to reach him: the first is by defeating Lone Shadow in the pit you started the game in, then continuing through the well; the other is by entering the abandoned dungeon, going to the bottom level of the room before the waterway idol, find the small tunnel on the Ashina side of the room (there will be a grave dedicated to those executed during the rebellion here), continue down the path and voila, there’s the arena with the Shichimen Warrior.
Run out of confetti and no recommended skill/prosthetic available? Go stay close to him be sure you block his staff attacks and aware on small and 1 large terror/skull orbs and he will try to move away from you.
When he does the attack Bullet Souls if you are close enough the staff will go through you and none of the skulls will hit letting you wail on him
I killed the Headless Ape and he didn't appear. He appear onle after i bought Valley Apparition's Memo from Fujioka The Info Broker


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You need to come to this area from other idol I believe, I killed headless Ape, get past the area and come back to this. He popped there.
Yea i kept going to that area and he wasnt there. I tried going to the den through traveling through the mal and also by the idol and he wasnt there either time. Also im not seeing a memo from the broker for the valley. Anyone got any suggestions?
If you know where their teleport spawns are, it’s easy to run over and get right up close to avoid being hit by the beam. Then just continue smacking away.
Yo you don't need any strategy if you have the shield upgraded to block all apparition attacks. Then just hold it, walk up and attack. Rinse and repeat.


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Struggling with anti air? Not an umbrella person? I've discovered another cheese for the Shichimen warriors if you're struggling. Just pop confetti (and maybe Ako's sugar) and spam whirlwind slash until he disappears and goes to do the beam move. Then just sprint to where he spawns and repeat. The confetti, combined with the 180° area of WS will clear the orbs along with stun-locking him. He might get off a sweep attack, but it's pretty rare and you can spam through it. Just did this twice in a row for the one in the dungeon and ape den.
I'm smoking from my left hand after killing him, why?
Blocking multiple projectiles with the fan tool while also having the skill that let’s you attack with the fan makes the fan smoke, allowing you too shoot a projectile when doing the fan attack.
This bullet stormer isn’t as bad as you might think. It’s sometimes easy to forget, but Sekiro is lightning fast on his feet, and you can outrun basically any of his projectiles if you run perpendicular to his attacks, or basically in circles around him.


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The beam attacks were a joke when I realized I could outrun them and close the distance at the same time
lol except when you're in a tight space specially in Fountainhead palace... noob
The only one that keeps dropping unique items (Lapis Lazuli) in NG+ cycles is the one in Fountainhead. The other two drop coin purses.