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Blue robed samurai in ashina castle also drop it
Yea but i would use them more for divine confetti
Best place IMO to farm BOTH Grave Wax and Fat Wax is "Flower Viewing Stage Idol" in Fountainhead. Right behind you is one of those super easy to kill blue piper guys and he's set up for a backstab. Just use a Posession/Wealth balloon and kill him repeatedly. If you want double the chance at items and double the gold, use Golden Vortex fan(and the Ceremonial Tanto will keep you not using spirit things.) This guy drops both, at good drop rates, and giving decent money and EXP too.


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Excellent spot my dude, I did 2 runs killing him and just rushing trough and deathblowing some of the other ones close by and got 2 Grave and 6 Fat Wax with Demon Bell, 2 Virtuous Deeds and a balloon.
You can kill the other noble right down the hall with a single attack too, if you have the "Dragon Flash" combat art from the last boss.
You, sir, are a lifesaver. Thank you!


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Okay so I love your wiki thanks. Mibu village has these green orbs by the graves the enemies respawn out of. I think souls 2 had that place you used your weapon to destroy torches, wonder if it's the same with the green orbs.
These are likely tumors based on the description. In which case the grave wax would be a tumor that outgrew its blood supply and started necrotizing on the inside making it black. The enemies you kill that drop them then probably have some sort of exposure to a carcinogen since they start dropping grave wax later in the game, implying progression of the disease.
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I gotten it to drop from the Loneshadow next to the Mibu Village Idol. Not sure how rare it is from him though. Dropped one on first kill with demon bell. I’ve killed him about ten times with both bell and Possession Ballon, only got one more so far.