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anyone know the gender of this NPC?
animations are male...
Try Hermaphroditeism.
Summoned him in the final boss Area but he/she wont perform the gesture no matter what i do
Because it's too late. He will perform it when you summon him for the Abyss Watcher fight (tested) from near the bonfire. Abyss watcher become also very easy with him so make him part of every of your playthroughs and you cannot possible miss this gesture ever again.
Do the Darkmoon Loyalty emotion. He'll do it then.
Has 2353 health on NG+13... I don't know why I felt the need to share this. Also does a metric *****-ton of damage.
is there a trigger that prevents him from invading in Farron Keep if one has progressed quite far?
He won't invade in Farron Keep if kill the Abyss Watchers.
It should be noted that if you summon black hand gotthard first, before the abyss watchers, you will be unable to summon the Londor pale shade. (This can be remedied through the use of your black separation crystal.
Or just use a dried finger to summon both of them
Killing Yoel at Firelink before drawing out your true strength or talking to him at all does not cause the Pale Shade to invade you. If you want their set but don't want to level up, you need to kill Anri.
got the 5 dark sigils from yoel, then i cured them at velka's and then i got embered a farron keep perimeter bonfire and his white sign appeared at the corner and he performed the gesture normally, i may not get the hollow ending but im planning on a second play through anyways
Velka's statue only removes hollowing, not the sigils. Hollow ending is still possible for you.
Does Yuria need to be alive in order for the Shade to appear?
Yes. I accidently killed her because I forgot about this moron's gesture and HOPED that while being invaded he'd respond to Darmoon Loyalty like some meta and dueling PC imitator. He does not. He will run directly at you and try to kill you. I have to get this stupid gesture in NG+ now because I stupidly thought I had done all I needed with Yuria.
Okay, so I'm in New Game +, didn't want to level at all (Level 120), I killed Yoel (I did speak to him before doing so however) before killing Deacons and Abyss Watchers. Pale shade wouldn't invade. I then killed the Deacons and got the Doll. Pale Shade still wouldn't invade. I then killed Anri and Horace at Firelink Shrine, and finally got the Pale shade to invade at Farron's Keep, so I'm thinking killing Anri and Horace was the trigger.



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He triggers if you anger Yuria.
most retarted phantom in soul series
Most dumb spelling I’m comment chain