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The "Gentle" part in her title is a *****ing lie.
Easy strat to deal with her, if she goes for an underhand sword swing deflect it then you have enough time to double Ichimonji (not the charged version). If she overhand swings then deflect and get ready to deflect her double slash, rinse and repeat.
Emma the Gentle *****, ***** i hate this boss fight
She and O'rin share a lot of animations, i wonder if there is some reasons behind it, or if it is convenient.
The hit box on her grab attack is*****e
Grab attack sometimes hits even if you dodge away from her...
Some grabs are different but I find that jumping away usually is safer than dodging back.
Shadowrush, firecrackers, and patience helped me the most. This one was rough


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the next part is going to be even more ruff
Now I know why From makes bosses twice as tall as the play character. It's goddamn impossible to see the tells for Emma's attacks.
I'll kill her only one time to get the platinum trophie on PS4. NEVER MORE. TOO MUCH WAIFU.
I wish there was a way to fight her without forsaking Kuro. Such a great fight (and the cutscene before it) with an awesome musical theme. I love Shura ending, but it would be nice if we could have a friendly duel otherwise :)