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For those interested, the riflemen at the gunfort will drop mercury *before* killing Owl. I have the Bell Demon and Rank 1 Virtuous Deed and they seem to drop it relatively often. I'm talking about five drops in twenty minutes worth of farming.



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this is good to know, i will update the page, though i did not get a single drop from them before i killed owl, and i farmed that spot for a good bit
they also drop them whole Ashina is being invaded


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They can always drop it, the chance is just REALLY low. Personally I haven't found one BEFORE the first Invasion but after the first Invasion, I found them there through the ending.
They drop pretty regularly from the ministry gunmen after getting the dragon tear. If you travel to the ashina outskirts - stairwell idol you can easily stealth kill 5 gunmen in less than a min then rest and repeat. I got 8 in maybe 10 mins or less.


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Yep, after getting the Dragon Tear I got the Ashina Castle idol back. Spawned there, killed the flamethrower dude, then rest/repeat. Got one to drop on my second run.
There is also one in the second memory after you killed the purple shinobi miniboss in the burning alley
I dropped it from normal riflemen/musketen/whatever scattered in the valley while having the Bell's Demon burden and the 2 drop perks in the monk skilltree
There is a one behind the elder monkey down in the poison pulls (before owl)
I am in NG+ at the last boss. I used Demon’s Bell curse and Mibu Possession Balloon, and went to Ashina Depths - Poison Pool. Backstabbed the gunner there and got 3 FM in 4 kills. Might have been crazy-good luck but got it in a matter of minutes.
Found 1x fulminated mercury in Ashina Outskirts right by where you fight the first ogre after it has been set on fire. I found it in NG+, so if someone could confirm if it's there on a regular NG, then that'd be great.


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Killed tons of Red Gunmen in Akina Outskirts, no drops...... weird.
The canon wielder near Old Grave idol drop them when Ashina is overrun. I was using Bell Demon, all skills and Golden Vortex. The one near the building where Blackhat Badger was did drop it for me.
Gun Fort Demon’s Bell curse + Mibu Possession Balloon + 1 loot skill in monk tree. Got 6 FM in 8 runs, only on the 7 guys from the above part (backtrack from the idol, 3 shotgun dudes and 4 riflemen)