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Here's how you find this: From the idol Bodhisattva Valley in the Sunken Valley, jump down the cliff to the right. Far down you will see the poison swamp area which you need to head through. On your way you should encounter a white monkey with 2 katanas, and a tent shop. Past the latter the area changes to a dark cave. At the end of said cave is this item. You will have to get past the great snake first though. I barely made it through spam dodging. xD


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If you have the Puppeteer ninjutsu there is a monkey to the left side of the serpant, if you backstab and use the ninjutsu it will climb up nearby and howl, distracting the serpant and allowing you to get by much easier
How do you get out of the room, once you grab it?


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Homeward Idol. Should be in your inventory.
there is a path where you took it just look up
You can get through the snake in the valley by using the control ninjutsu on the monkey cowering below the snake to the left
You can get past the snake without puppeteer. There's a pillar in front of the snake, keep peeking around the pillar until it attacks, run back and hide before it hits then run across the bridge and jump to the left and grapple before he can attack again
You can also use mist raven prosthetic to get through the snake’s attack
What do you do with this?
You can use the mist raven tools to dodge the snakes hits. I did it with the aged feather mist raven, so I don't know if the normal mist raven works.
Can confirm that you can do it with the normal mist raven, that's how I did it. You just have to time it correctly
It does
what do we need both of them for ? I have both but no idea where to use them. The lady at the temple doesnt seem to respond either.
See the Divine Child of Rejuvenation page for details on what you need these for.
I gave her a normal persimmon the first time she asked for one and i can't seem to be able to give her one of the hearts anymore. If I select the option "Give Persimmon" it says that I don't have any, even though i have both the dried, and the fresh serpent viscera. Anyone having the same problem? Did giving her the normal persimmon lock me out of her questline?
You're missing some steps. Refer to the Ending Guide to figure out what's going on.
you need to get her to the inner sanctum first. then she will tell you to get a book, then she will ask for the visceras