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If you do the "hardcore" method a certain way it actually makes the fight easier:
1. Trick the 1st PAX into shooting both geneators, this will prevent more PAX units from spawning, then kill PAX.
2. Continue fighting Cerb, I use single rigs (Pax v2) and, dodge/dash attacks, but those hit right to left so targeting the left arm works better, and the Judge is a 2 hander so cutting off either arm will net you the V2 and arm schematic.

Note: if you destroy both generators, but DON'T dis-arm Cerb you will the get V1 Judge and the armor scematics EXCEPT the arm scematics.

(Also, don't know if this is a glitch or not, but by doing it this way you might get both V1 and V2 Judge, that's what happened for me anyways.)
***** this boss...



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Honestly, he's probably the easiest boss in the game if you deal with the PAX properly. Make PAX shoot the two containers and then kill it, and then you can dance with the boss for as long as you want - if you keep him at range all he can do is slide-attack and use his ranged stun, both of which are easily dodged. If you've been concentrating all of your defensive moves on blocking, then I can understand him being difficult because all of his moves are unblockable power-slams, but still - just learn to dodge, stay at range, don't get greedy (and go for a ton of sequential attacks), and you'll be fine.
God, i hate this boss design. Even with all atacks memorized i stil cant pass him in ng+. The secret way to kill him seems even more difficult to pull off.
I used the adrenaline shunt and the regular MG Judge. Wait for him to perform an attack and pop the injectible near the end of his animation, then go in for a sliding attack. Use the anti-kinetic shield as damage insurace if you screw up.
I used Claws of the Gestalt, MG Gorgon set, shield drone, and 12 level 5 vital injections on NG+. Destroyed the two containers with the help of the first P.AX. Won the fight in less than 5 minutes. Easy.
And yes, I cut off his right arm. Getting all the loot :D
"I used the highest DPS weapon in the game that is only obtainable from the final boss and it was EASY" Do you think before you speak?
LOL this boss is absolute trash. PAX literally has huge invisible hitboxes and near instant startup frames. Maybe playtest the game?
Glad I'm not the only one who realized that. Great game and could-be-great bossfight, but this one gave me AIDS and terminal-stage brain cysts by the time I finally got through him.
To whoever designed the V 2.0 mechanic: ***** you and please find another job that doesn't involve video games. Please don't jeopardize big projects for new developers that have potential. Thanks and ***** you.



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Your salty buttpain asside, Deck13 are neither big, nor do they have potential. They make bland souls clones, there's nothing worth a fanfare about that. The person that designed it belongs there, a mediocre dev, with mediocre ideas, for a mediocre company.
Anedime , are you *****ing dumb? ‘Errr this game plays like another game so it must be a clone’ you could say that about any game, doesn’t mean it’s a clone.