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Step 1: Enter boss gate Step 2: Learn what it means to Git Gud
Good god some of the “general guidelines” on this page are dumb as *****.
phase 2 is pure bs
I just beat Orphan on my first attempt. Which makes taking two attempts on Living Failures embarrassing! Level 119 so I don’t think I’m too overlevelled according to this site. I just kept rollling in a square, occasionally hitting twice, occasionally for more. Usually after two or three dodges I would roll in towards him. His forward leap is incredibly easy to avoid. I did Ludwig first attempt as well but Laurence took me 3 or 4 after getting him close the first time. I think Nameless King and Sister Friede were a lot harder than Orphan of Kos. My hardest boss having only played DS3 then Bloodborne was definitely Dancer of the Boreal Valley - took me 50-60 tries I reckon (taken on early to get into Lothric Castle)
Youre literally the definition of overleveled
You're very overleveled my dude
to each his own. for me nameless king was piece of cake. 2 attempts to see moveset of a bird and a dude, then go in and score a kill.3 attempts alltogether on first run. Friede on the other side yeah. spent some time with this lady.
Times running out to beat this fool, shadow dies twice is coming and he and some other c-words are in my way.....can we get some bloodborne camaraderie up in here and get some spawns at the lighthouse hut
This page just sums up the bloodborne wiki: terribly moderated, has barely any useful information, and is somehow worse than all three souls fextras combined. Congrats



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Truly, the whole site could be rewritten, and 60% of this page's text alone ought to be cut. I'd do a cleanup myself, but 1.) That'd take more time than I have; and 2.) Someone will throw that kind of crap back up there, anyways, and I'm not willing to invest effort into something that irresponsible users can mar for S 'n Gs. It's shamefully unprofessional, but all I can say is I apologize for my lack of dedication and other users' flippancy. The issue with making something accessible and popular is that more people have a voice, and collective voices tend to congeal over extremities (e.g. edgelord trends and jackassery). Combating such sentiments on a domain so open as the Internet is a test of sanity to which I won't subject myself because I have enough problems without it.
A skeletal 90 yr old abortion with separation anxiety raging and using his dead mom’s placenta as a weapon... totally gonna kill it.
He is way OP... squawking and cawing like a crow in heat while wailing and whipping that giant bladed placenta,
so i just beat orphan in NG+2 and i'm like 90% sure i cancelled his phase 2 transformation with his stagger animation. he didn't transform at all, i took his hp to 0 and then he stopped moving and stood next to kos's body and i got the "nightmare slain" message. anyone seen this before?
killed him with great amount of luck. was out of vials and about 1% hp (or even 0.5%) vs his 10% or so. just went nuts swinging sword right in front of him. and for some crasy reason dude just could not land a single hit to finish me off...