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The mikiri counter really helps : stand mid range, when you see the red symbol, spam the dodge button (O en ps4 controller) toward him. Repeat 2 or 3 times and you should be able to deathblow him
Spamming lb/l1 for deflection lowers your chance of performing a deflection, it isn't the same for mikiri counter?
How do you mean? I always die because my guy always jump back when i try this, do i have to hold some button foreward to fix this??
This guy and the two monks hiding in the graveyard absolutely beat my *** because I had no idea when to use the Mikiri counter
A hoonter must hoont.
I hate him
just like that?!!! i took 2 hours just to plan how to kill him, why i didnt think to use mikiri counter xP
That feeling when you fear the spear VS That feeling when you see a free posture damaging Thrust attack (with Miki counter). That feeling of gitting gud
lure him to the tower near the bridge, there is a fence which will keep you safe from his attacks. jump over the fence and laugh at him, attack him when he's done with his moves